Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Catching up with a lot of things tonight. 

Here on our deck are some pink flowers for Payton, the pug with PDE (Pug Dog Encephalitis) who recently crossed the Rainbow Bridge.  Payton, or Pugnacious P, and her mom and dad kept a blog for the last year to teach pug owners about this debilitating pug disease, and to let us know about their fight with it in their little "P".  Payton's story can be found here, and though it had a sad ending, her story lives on. 

(The pink flowers are Superpetunia Vista Bubblegum (Proven Winners) and Calibrachoa Dark Pink Carnival, the smaller, darker pink/purple flower)

I haven't forgotten our own dear Hannah... she will also be getting her own corner of flowers on the deck soon. 

Keith has started moving the brush pile that we had planned all these months to burn down to the pasture, to add to the brush pile we started down there for the little creatures.  These are all the saplings, etc. that Chris has been cutting for us... and I am so glad to see them leaving the garden area, so I can cut the high grass around them down, and we can bring some semblance of orderliness back!

He had some interested observers:

They came all the way across the pasture to see what he was up to.  He is still very sore from his fall, but a little excercise was good for him.

By the way, Llama Rodeo Day is May 16.

I cannot explain this.  Keith and I were standing there talking, and Sherman sat down at our feet.  Whereever I go, he follows and sits and waits for me, or pokes around near me.  He is a most remarkable turkey!  I can bend over and pet him while we are talking.

The tall white Iris in the middle is almost over, but the colors on either side of it.... oh MY!

Alica, don't look at the next picture!

As I did the water fortexes in the henyards... Keith went around to lock up the pasture gate for the night.  I heard him call me, and stopped, went all the way around, to find this guy.  It's NOT the same guy that's been in the henhouse, this one is not as big.  As Keith said, "It's his teenage brother".  He laid there for a while, waiting for us to finish talking so he could slither off.  He's lucky Tony didn't see him!

I would like to ask all of you to say a prayer for my brother in law Bob tonight.  My sister, you see, will be starting palliative care in the next few days.  Those of you who have lost loved ones to cancer know that this means it is very close to the end.  My dear brother in law has prayed so very hard for a miracle, and cannot believe he is going to lose the wife he adores.  She is waiting for her two little granddaughters to be brought down from Omaha so she can see them one last time, and today I took our oldest brother to see her.  He has senile dementia, unfortunately, but I explained to him as best I could make him understand, and gave them time to visit.  Someone at work today asked me how I could still laugh, with these tragedies around me right now... Keith sick, my brother getting lost in the dark two nights ago...(my brother who went with me today) and my other brother passing out at work yesterday from low blood pressure.... but I'll tell you something.  My little sis is going to beat us all to heaven, that's how I keep smiling.  It's not fair that the baby of the family is going first... but I don't have any qualms about where she is going at all... and know that she'll be getting there long before we do. 


  1. Of course I'll remember your sweet B.I.L & your sister in my prayers.
    I'll remember you and Keith in my prayers as well.

    Beautiful flowers, and once again, it looks like you're holding everything together pretty well.. you are and inspiration.

    Take care of you..

  2. You are an amazing and remarkable strong woman. Blessings to you and your family.

  3. I'm sorry about your sister. My list a people to pray for lately has grown...and she and your family will definitely be added.

    I just love that dark colored iris!! Mine will soon be open...the buds are swelling.

    And THANK YOU :) for the warning about the snake picture. They give me the heebie jeebies!

  4. Aw Mary Ann, this is all so sad. But, we have to move on. That is life as sad as it may be.

    I'm so glad Keith is doing better.

    Take care,

  5. And your sister will be waiting for you and the rest of her family! I remember that is one of the last things that my mother said when she passed at age 59, that she would be waiting for us. It is indeed a comfort to know that they are in a much better place and not suffering any more and that one day we will all be reunited!! I will say a prayer for your BIL (and for all of you) because it is so heartbreaking to see a loved one go and to be left alone. Grieving is a natural process and it begins even before the loved one passes. ((Hugs))


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