Saturday, May 26, 2012

A Hot, Humid Day

What is going ON with our temps?

I am starting to believe in Global Warming.

On the other hand, I have the air conditioning going, and Keith is FREEZING and just put another heavy blanket on the bed. 

It was in the upper nineties heat index today in Tonganoxie, and I cut grass for a couple of hours with the wind blowing the dry grass back in my face.  Yes, I need a shower.

On my way to the food kitchen this morning with the eggs, I pulled over to take a picture of Tonganoxie's main street... 4th Street.  Not exactly hustling and bustling at 9:30 AM... but I wanted you all to see the beautiful flag display put up yearly.

I just realized this is not the best picture in the world, taken through my windshield.  I'll stop there on the way home from church tomorrow and take a better one.   Before the post office moved out by the highway, there was more going on on Saturday morning.

Here are Bitsy and Muffy, the two Naughty Girls, taken this afternoon.  This has been one of my biggest disappointments... I wanted badly to breed these two with Boots, my young Mille Fleur rooster.  They were all a year old in March... but these two girls are still in with the Little Henhouse flock.  I am going to try to get pictures of the roosters in there tomorrow, to put them up on the bulletin board at the feed store next week. If I can move them out, maybe Boots can move in.

The south end of Inca, who always lays down to eat.  I didn't feed the llamas until evening today... it was just so hot.  As you can see from this picture, Inca needs shearing badly.  Last year we did not get her neck, and now it's matted.  They were to have been shorn last Wednesday, but my sister was so very sick the day before that I cancelled at the last minute, fearing what was going to happen with my sister.  We have not rescheduled yet, as our friend has to come down from NorthWest Missouri to do it for us.  Before you buy llamas, please consider these things... the llamas should be halter-broken and easily led.  They need to be gotten used to having their feet handled, because llama toes must be trimmed at least once a year, and believe me, they are not easily manipulated like goats. They MUST be sheared in hot areas such as ours, because they literally can die of heat stroke.  Inca has a pool which she uses to cool off in... but still, the heat is very hard on them.  If we could have had the pond that we attempted last year, that would have helped them. They also must be wormed, and have shots, which are usually done at the same time as shearing, but this is a huge production every year, and should not be... this is what you get for having llamas not gentled from a young age.

(and I'm telling on myself here, because we did not work with Aztec when she was born here)

What we had for dinner tonight. 

I can't tell you how good this was.  It was a splurge for both of us, I had not eaten much today, and Keith had just picked, too. I will print the entire recipe tomorrow, but I can foresee making this when the kids are here (at double the recipe) so there is plenty to go around.  Briefly, it's a layer of macaroni, a layer of hamburger cooked with onion and I used some Rotel tomatos with green chiles.... a layer of cream cheese, cottage cheese and sour cream.... (the white you see) then another layer of macaroni, then meat, and then on top, grated parmesan cheese.  I did NOT put salt in it, as we are trying to cut down... but I did use Onion and Garlic Mrs. Dash... and let me tell you... it was wonderful!  We each had a second helping... and I am stuffed full.

Time to take a shower and read a good book.  I'm going to work in the garden tomorrow after church... and will take lots of pictures.


  1. Humid in that typical? We are used to that here, and it's NO fun! Tomorrow it's to feel like 98*. Maybe I'll just stay inside...if only I could! :) Enjoy the holiday tomorrow!

  2. I think we have a moved to different zones. I live in zone 8, but the weather is more like zone 9, except just a handful of freezing days this past winter. I fear we are headed back to the 110 temps this summer. I'm going to have to try that dish, so put the recipe in a post ASAP.

  3. The past few days have been hot, then they say we are getting a cold front.....

    That casserole sounds good.


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