Thursday, February 9, 2012


Had to leave work sick yesterday, with some blood sugar issues.  Came home to find this:

That's a waterer, hauled outside to clean.  Notice where there would normally be WATER.

Feed Cans.

Empty and pooped-in feeder.

Do you see why I HATE STARLINGS????

I know everyone is tired of my writing about them, but honestly... I actually came home from work very sick, and was greeted with this.  I knew I needed to do water before coming in and laying down, and this is what I found.  There WAS a little water left outside, but no food anywhere.  The stink is awful!

These guys were glad to get some food, so I gave them some treats, too.

Everything is still wet from the rain/snow we had a few days ago.  We are supposedly going to get some more today.

What I fixed for dinner last night... YUMMY!  And no, I did not eat all that sour cream.

What I fixed it in... 14.99 from Target, where I rarely shop... but despite it's rinky-dink design, the quesadillas came out very well, and we each enjoyed them.  I can't eat a whole one, but I made them with a corn salsa I had bought a few months ago...refried beans... hamburger... cheddar cheese and some scallions.  Keith had Pace salsa on his.   This little machine must have cost the Chinese 50 cents to make, and you have to be careful not to burn yourself on it... but it sure makes a nice quesadilla!


  1. We made shrimp quesadillas on Sunday. We just did them in an iron skillet.

  2. Jeesh, you do have a starling problem! Gotta check out that little quesadilla maker, we love our Mexican! And I make a salsa that puts
    Pace to shame!! Hope you get to feeling better soon!

  3. You have a right to be aggrivated by those birds!

    Have they always been such a menace??

    Looks like a fun little gadget to have .... sure looks like it turn out a delicious dinner in a hurry :)

  4. I've read somewhere that an owl, stuffed or plastic, runs off starlings. Probably a fairy tale. What a thing to come home to when you weren't feeling so great.


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