Sunday, February 5, 2012

A Super Sunday

After yesterday and Friday's gloomy, rainy days, we dawned to snow on the deck.  I would have shown you but I forgot to charge the camera battery last night, and by the time I got ready to leave for church, the snow was almost melted!  I had a quiet Sunday morning, and got the brisket ready and put it in the oven.  We had let it marinate since yesterday afternoon, using a braised brisket recipe from the Pioneer Woman that you can find here.  I HIGHLY recommend this wonderful brisket, it was tender and good, and man, did the house ever smell good.  After church, Nathan and his mom, Sherie, came by to pick some things up, and we sat and had a brisket sandwich on good sourdough buns, and some corn dip and chips.  Yumm!

Here I am doing chores this afternoon.... Keith was kind enough (laugh) to take a picture of me in my chore coat, and yes, it's the same one from two years ago.

Admit it, you want this coat!

Keith was good enough to do water all weekend, so I told him I would do it this afternoon.  The henyards are MUDDY.

The big henyard birds were hanging out in the sunlight. They had had their bread treats and were just catching some rays.

While some of the birds in the little henyard were cleaning up the rest of their treat.  This flock is much diminished, and when I get replacement hens, they are going in this yard until the new henhouse is finished.

I came the closest I have ever gotten to being spit on tonight, getting in the middle of these hungry llamas going through the gate.  They all got a talking to!

This picture shows Azzie's beautiful grey undercoat... it goes clear up her neck to just under her chin.  Her mother's is black, with brown on the topcoat.

I end the night with a picture of gratuitous cuteness.


  1. A chore coat! Genius.

    I am always getting my jackets and sweaters all muddy.

  2. Hey there! I think I have a chore coat just like yours! Loved your picture of "gratuitous cuteness.." ;)

  3. Chore coats are wonderful! I recently posted about mine. We are contract poultry growers; I'd love to have some laying hens,but they aren't allowed on poultry farms.

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment. It's always good to hear from a fellow farmer. I've never been to Kansas but my husband has been to Quinter several times to buy bulls and has told me about it.

  4. Hey - there is nothing better than a warm, comfortable chore coat. I would have loved to have heard the "talking to". lol


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