Sunday, February 12, 2012

The day dawned bright and clear.
The grass, did indeed, look like diamonds.

I fed and watered this morning, and it was brisk, but not too bad.

Inca has laid down to eat ever since she was a small cria.

We let this one sleep late because he stayed up late watching cartoons (Grandma's have eyes in the back of their heads).
We sat at the kitchen table in togetherness and read the morning paper in the "dark", without turning the lights on, and talked quietly before I went to church.  Abby found a shaft of sunlight to listen to us.

Here's Keith this afternoon, starting to lay out the hoop house. Notice he's in just a sweatshirt.  I had a heavy coat (my adorable chore coat) a warm knit hat, and gloves. I was at the other end of the yellow tape.

We had plenty of help

Bessie was out there too, but out of the picture. She loves to run around the yard, and is getting more and more engaged with us.  She's able to hold her own with the pugs, too.

While Keith tapped in the side stakes, I wandered over to check the chickenyards.  For the THIRD TIME today, I found this:

Note ring of starling poop around it, and starling poop in it.
Poor chickens.
I filled them AGAIN.

Wandered back across yard to find that Keith had been busy.

Took picture from different angle.  Check out the sky behind Keith.

Within 30 minutes, the color changed, the clouds came over, and everything was gray.  Our beautiful day went away.

I finished up chores while Keith came in to see Phil Mickelson win the golf tournament.  We experimented with putting the hoops together, but are going to report on that in another post.

While I turned my back, they invaded the wild bird feeding station.  Sheesh.  If you biggify the photo, you will see at least five of them hanging on the suet feeder on the pole at the left.

When I finished, look who was finishing up his dinner and waiting for me!

He is so tired tonight, he did a lot of walking and running today, and it's hard on an old gentleman.

It took over an hour for this post to post the pictures, so I'm off to catch a little of the grammys and the second-to-the-last weekend of Downton Abbey.


  1. Seems like a very nice day! I 'm waiting on the hoop house details. I've wanted to build one but haven't yet, maybe your post will be the incentive. LOL. I chose you for the Versatile Blogger Award so stop by my blog for the details.

  2. You got some really nice shots today! I love to see you guys out planning for spring already and I will be watching the progress of the hoop house.

  3. At least today was warmer than yesterday and you're making great progress on those projects (wish I could say the same!) I absolutely love that picture of Abby lying in that ray of light streaming through the window. Stay warm tonight..the snow is coming!

  4. You had a busy day! I have pesky grackles that swoop in and gobble up all the bird seed, especially the suet. Grrr.

    Snow is moving into my area of Missouri in the morning. Looks like Kansas may already be experiencing it. Stay warm and have a good week!

  5. I enjoyed all the pictures, but I particularly loved the first one. I am anxious to see the hoop house. Hope you take pics as it progresses, so I can see how to do it.

  6. It was miserable outside in Mississippi this weekend. Coldest temps of the winter and the wind was howling.

    Stayed in all weekend.


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