Friday, February 17, 2012

Folks, we are still sick here... we are on day five.  Keith has been sick all week, but did manage to go to his office yesterday afternoon and this afternoon.  I don't know how he did it.  He is NOT a big baby, but this stuff we have has knocked us both for a loop.  We are living on Nyquil at the moment. 

I missed work yesterday and today, and am as weak as a puppy.  The little girls are going crazy with being cooped up and no one to play, so they are NOT being very easy to get along with at the moment.  Thank heavens for quiet Bessie.

I made myself go out to do chores this afternoon, because I knew Keith was exhausted.  It took me almost an hour to zombie-walk around the place, and I didn't do everything. The llama tank was nasty.. and Azzie had pulled the heater out of it again.  I did not have the strength to dump it and carry clean water to it, we'll have to wait until tomorrow.  I asked Keith to put a bucket in it, and he was able to do that.  I have coughed so much that it hurts to breathe.  Thank God it's the weekend.

This cheered me up immensely.. the buds are now swelling!

The Naughty Girls flew up to the fence to greet me.  I am praying we don't lose these little girls who are now almost a year old, as I want to make a breeding trio with Boots.  The D'Uccles are wonderful little birds, friendly, and chatter to you constantly. 

More proof we have rounded the corner to spring!

The Yard Guard was on duty all day, here she is howling at a siren as I trudged behind her.

Here are the birds from the "Black and White" flock, the descendents of our Japanese bantams, Fred and Wilma and Little Fred, who was a girl.

Here's our new little girl, ready to go in the house.  I had to walk all the way from the henhouse, because she was standing at the door and barking, because she thought I was inside.  I wanted to curl up on a porch chair and go to sleep!  I did let her in, and went back out to do water.  Here's the weird thing... the starlings are now leaving feed... but drinking the water.  It was in the high 50's today, and will be back down in the 40's tomorrow, so I guess they'll eat the feed then, too.

It's 8:15, so I am going to call it a day, take some Nyquil, and go to BED.  I hope by tomorrow we'll be back to our normal selves, or nearly so!


  1. Hope you feel better soon. Have a restful weekend.

  2. It sounds awful! Get better soon! Its been the same around us here, people dropping like flies. Me`be its the mild winter? Hasnt killed all those bugs off!

    Thinking of you!

  3. Hope you are feeling better soon and do not keep passing germs back and forth amongst yourselves. My Keith stood up to the challenge and took care of me for most of January when I was down, even tho I know he was not at his best either.
    Still, the barn did not get cleaned as thoroughly as if I was doing my portion daily, or even a few times a week. I had to tackle a major project when I felt better - almost sent me back to bed!
    Don't doubt the power of chicken soup and we were eating ginger snap cookies. It did help.

  4. Sorry you guys aren't feeling well! I hope you get some relief soon. It's nice to see no snow in those pictures! The picture of the "naughty girls" is too cute. I am passing along the "Liebster blog award" to you too :) I'm supposed to let you know!

  5. I wish I was that close to retirement...

    The one down side of having animals is that they depend on you even when you are sick - no days off!

  6. They look like they are doing the chicken dance!


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