Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Is It Tuesday Already?

I missed Monday night.  I was sick again, I am really having trouble getting over this stuff.
Yes, I went to work both days, but whew, I'm tuckered out tonight. 

Keith, on vacation, has been very busy, though.  Do you remember that Sunday I posted a picture of the first hoop up?

Look now!

He has gotten the whole thing up, just about... he is pointing at where he drove big spikes into the ground.

You can just barely see the spikes in the bottom. 

And yes, it's duct-taped to the framework.

The idea is that the wood frame would give it a little more stability. 
There will be a door at the front and back, but the ends will not seal off, as there must be airflow throughout.  Remember, the tomatos and peppers will be growing in there.  The dimensions are 10 ft. x 20 ft.

Tomorrow, we'll put the plastic on.  I can't believe it went up so fast!

Despite the fact that it rained most of the afternoon, Keith accomplished a lot.  He did have some help, though.

Abby supervised.


  1. Wow, Keith's been busy. Feel better.

  2. Naive question: do you have to take the plastic off in the winter or will snow slide right off the dome? Not a concern this winter, but it would have been last year. I'm thinking about making a smaller version like yours. Thanks for the post!

  3. I am hoping none of the tornadoes I have heard about on today's news are anywhere near you. Would hate for all of Keith's hard work to end up 3 states away.

  4. I like these Poly Tunnels, big over here. Acres of them down south!


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