Friday, February 10, 2012

Yesterday when I was home, I watched this guy for a while with the binoculars.  We have seen him before, Keith and I, in a tall tree by Spehar's big ponds.  We are hoping he isn't studying our flock that is wandering in the pasture again.

He's got a dark body, and a white cowl around his neck, with a dark head.  I'm thinking he might be the daddy or mama to the red shoulder juvenile that Rocky battled.  I know you can see the squirrel's nest in the tree to his right, and I saw a squirrel running up and down the trunk to his nest while I watched. 

  Where ever he is tonight, I hope he's warm, because we are finally going to get a taste of winter... it's fallen to 27 degrees and the wind is blowing hard, we are going to single digits tonight and tomorrow night.  In fact, we may not be able to use the pump by morning, I could hardly get it lifted just now to top the llama trough off. We decided to leave the big birds in in the morning if it is truly frigid, and then turn them loose around noon.  The poor little henhouse birds... the starlings can come in through their eaves, to eat and drink their food.  We'll keep an eye on them tomorrow. 


  1. We got that same weather here. Freezing cold wind today. I hope your birds are safe because the hawk is probably hungry.

  2. Oh dear... I hope that you are able to keep your birds safe too.

    Brr.... it does sound like Winter has a new round of cold weather in store for you.
    I am so ready for Spring :)

    Enjoy your weekend.

  3. Miserable weather!

    I tried to get a pic of a red tail hawk on the road this past week, he was too fast


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