Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Wait a Little Longer

I told you all Monday that I had a surprise for you, but the surprise is 
still not ready.  I am hoping by tomorrow. 

So, I'll show you what's been happening around here. 

First, some background. 
At the first Calamity Acres 20 years ago, I had a number of little pens with 
different chickens in them.  One was a pen with silkies and 
bantam Mille Fleurs, a feisty breed. 

I had a tiny rooster, Boots, who was the feistiest. 

Boots took a dislike to my oldest grandson, Chris, who was 
often there with me.  (Come to think of it, Chris was 2 when this all happened, so it has been farther back than I thought, he is 26 now).  Anyway, Boots took a dislike to Chris, and when Chris went by the pen, Boots would fling himself at Chris, spurs out. 

Chris was startled, but soon got used to it, and they would chase each other around the pen, Chris outside and Bootsie inside. 

Ten days ago, Chris was here housesitting for me. 

On the Sunday I was taking him home to Garnett, he said 
"Do you remember Boots, Gran?" and I laughed and said I did. 

He told me that Cogburn had approached him and done the 
same thing Boots had done, putting his head sideways and staring at 
Chris.  Chris said he believed that Cogburn was getting ready to 
start attacking. 

Sunday afternoon, I was doing chores, and all of the sudden felt myself being whapped on the leg. 

It was Cogburn. 

He was close, WAY TOO CLOSE. 

Every time I am outside now, I am aware he is behind me. 

If I look at him, he stops up short. 

He is very good at pretending he is not stalking me. 

"Don't mind me, I'm just looking for bugs."

At this point, I decided to walk backwards and keep an eye on him. 

(very dicey for me as you know I fall).  I went slowly. 

I got to the porch after leaving the old henhouse, where I  had fed the ferals. 

Guess who was following? 

So it got even crazier when I left to go to the Ag Hall to take care of the flock there. 

I stopped at the gate, got out, and began to open it and 

I looked up to see this! 

Needless to say, I stopped to take the video as he ran out to follow me... he had been in the parking area on the far side of the house.... but as soon as I spoke, he studiously dropped his head and acted like he was not following me.  Notice there is only ONE hen near. 

I'm keeping my eyes out for this one! 


  1. Reminds of the story my wife tells about a gander they used to have. He terrorized everyone in the family except my wife and her dad. My wife was just a kid, but she knew not to go outside without something to whack the gander with.c They finally got rid of him after he grabbed her little sister by the butt and wouldn't let go until they beat him half to death. Of course, if I'd been an animal, I'd probably have bitten that girl, too!

  2. Don't get spurred, Mary Ann! I think you need to have chicken and dumplings for Thanksgiving....

  3. I'd hate to have to be so aware when walking around my yard! My brother had a gander that used to chase me; I hated him!

  4. Hari OM
    Hmmmm... yeah, he needs to know he aint' gonna last long with that kinda behavers...ah said, yes ah said, not long Leghorn... (seriously though Mary Ann, you may need to do more than keep an eye; my uncle had a dominant cock like this once and the entire farm was his - apparently - he lasted till Easter time.) YAM xx

  5. Well, I'd show him I was a bigger rooster. Mine attacked me a couple of times. After chasing them around with a stick several times, they decided they would stay away from me.

  6. If it was me I'd say chicken and dumplings wouldn't be a bad idea. You take such good care of them they should not be trying to bite the hand that feeds them. My grandmother had a huge hen house and kept it many years and sold eggs for he pin money. She loved to sew too. Anyway she did get pecked badly one time and it never really healed up either. Take good care !

  7. Our mom knows all about those attacking roosters!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

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