Friday, November 3, 2017

A Long and Worrying Week

I am finding footprints everywhere these days, this place is pretty lively at night. 

We have had spectacular sunrises. 

And the moon in the middle of the night on All Souls Day was downright ghostly. 

I woke up to this on the first, too.  It is the food for the feral kittens in the old henhouse, and also, the feral that eats at the gate every day.  He was one of the three that ate on the deck this summer. 
He waits at the road for me to come feed him. 

I put food out early today, because the darn raccoons are eating so much. 

Notice there is now a heavy bag of soil on the can?  I am actually switching it 
to a metal can this weekend. 

This is Sister on the deck on Monday, notice his belly hanging. 

For the first few weeks Twinkle was here, they were kept apart, because we did not 
know about Twinkle.  Sunday afternoon, they finally played for the first time. 

Note the tail action. 

By yesterday at 11:30, we were facing this.  Sister began vomiting Monday evening, 
on Tuesday when I got back from the Ag, he was much, much worse, lethargic and could 
not stop vomiting.  He was running a high fever.  I rushed him to my vet, who kept him. 
By Wednesday night, he was worse, and we made an appointment for me to hold him as he was euthanized on Thursday, but... when I got there, he was stable, hooked up to the IV, had some 
morphine, was on a cooling pad, and the fever was down.  I had searched high and low here for poison he could have gotten into... could find nothing.  

The vet asked to give him one more day. 

I left. 

At four thirty, the vet called to say that he had a high fever again, and that he was making agonal howls.  I did not even have time to drive back over there. 

They asked for permission to euthanize, and I agreed. 

At 1:30, after I had left the office, the vet had checked for FIV and FeLV.  

Sis was positive for FIV, feline AIDS.  Remember, I found him as a stray last year at the hospital where Keith was on his last illness. 

We had not checked him in January when he got his shots. 

He also had a large tumor in his abdomen that was pushing his 
organs to the right.  That would have been the next thing to deal with 
if he had pulled through. (Go look again at that first picture of him on Sunday). 

So, God's will, I think.  He made sure Twink was here before Sister left me. 

Twinkle, where Sister used to lay in my lap. 

She is negative for FIV. 

How I'll miss my beautiful boy. 


  1. Hari OM
    Oh my... blink of an eye... now there is a Twinkle. As you say, there are mysterious ways at work. Huggies and condolence for the loss of Sister and Blessings for the joy that is a kitten. YAM xx

  2. I am so sorry about your beloved pet, Mary Ann. I'm happy you have cute little Twinkle who will help ease the passing of Sister.
    We have several feral cats and also raccoons to deal with. We feed our cats and the coons will come up at night and eat what's left over. We've lost many kittens and I think the coons have gotten them. Darn critters.
    One of my indoor cats, my calico, slipped out the door several months ago and ran off. I never did find her. I kept hoping she would show back up. Just hope she didn't meet up with a predator and someone took her in. It's hard to lose a pet...they are like family.

  3. My condolences on the loss of your little buddy. It's never easy.

  4. Bungee cords across the lid may help. Padlocks on the handles MIGHT be needed, though.

  5. Death comes from the enemy of souls, but God in His mercy brought you comfort beforehand to see you through. Sister was so beautiful, and a gift during Keith's final illness. You are watched over and loved; warm hugs!

  6. We are sad to hear that Sister did not make it. S
    ending you some pug hugs and prayers
    Hazel, Mabel & Mom

  7. I am very sorry to hear about your loss of Sister.

  8. I am so sorry Mary Ann. You did everything you could.
    I am ao sorry this happened,

  9. So sorry for your loss but glad you have that little twinkle.

  10. Sending you hugs today. He was very beautiful.

  11. So sad to hear this. We're sending hugs and purrs your way.

  12. Mary Ann as I said I am so sorry for your loss but I do remember reading somewhere ALWAYS get two kittens not one. Sounds like Twinkle could use a buddy.

  13. so sorry to hear this mary ann. i am still having trouble dealing with teddy's death. it's so hard to lose them!

  14. I'm sorry Mary Ann. Trying to catch up. Will be slow. Have been off work since 9-18-17. Had a accident and fractured my back

    Broke down and had internet installed here at the house.

    Take care

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