Sunday, November 12, 2017

The Peace of the Weekend

When I was still working full time, our weekends were made up of errands, errands, errands, and maybe some fun included.  Church, of course.  

It seems my life is just as busy now, in retirement, but.... I can hang around here and 
enjoy the peace and quiet when I need to decompress. 

Today has been that kind of day. 

I went to church last night, we have switched now to a 4 PM Saturday service 
since the advent of daylight savings time ending.  It gets us out just as 
the darkest is descending, and I rushed home to lock the hens up, 
because, as we all  know, the raccoons are coming EARLY. 

Here is our beautiful little Maci Lynn, my great-granddaughter 
born a month ago.   She is a beautiful baby and her mother 
Madison is doing a great job of caring for her.  This little bassinet is so 
clever, it rocks itself and plays nursery rhymes. 

Yesterday was our last regular day of the season at the Ag Hall. 
I was able to leave at noon but I was too late for the Veterans Day parade 
in Leavenworth... though I stopped at the cemetery and saw 
Keith and the men and women buried alongside him (Leavenworth National 
Cemetery).  It rained lightly the entire afternoon, and the Ag Hall shut down 
early, so the afternoon lady at the desk was able to leave.  

As you see, Jester did not even want to get up this morning, even though it was 
42 degrees out. 

Harlequin was waiting for me in the old henhouse this morning, waiting for her breakfast.  
I did not see Spooky, I usually see both of them. 
When Chris is here next, I am going to have him bed down the goat barn, in case the kittens want to sleep in there this winter, because I believe the old henhouse is going to be used for HENS 
at that point. 

I found Her Highness on the loveseat in my bedroom this morning.  In fact, I picked her up and cuddled her on the bed and we took a short little nap. 

Some one else told me on Friday that she looks like a baby possum. 

Not sure what it was about Friday night, but the leaves began dropping like hotcakes from the big maple by the deck.  The deck is now covered and so is the yard behind it. 
The million bells plant in the washtub is STILL blooming, as is one of my mums, a bright yellow one. 

I am slowly putting away the deck furniture, Chris can help with that, too. 

I also have met the FIRST hens I have ever had who are not interested in 
eating pumpkins.  I will probably take these over to my friend Diane when I am finished, because hers ARE. 

I LOVE crows. 

There are three here in the morning, waiting for me to put birdseed out. 

Somewhere I have some pictures I took the other night of raccoons on that feeder, so I am 
trying not to put too much out in the afternoons.  
I do post on Facebook, but more often on Instagram, under my own name. 

I think Jester and Twinkle are going to have their own page, soon. 

There is a dark junco behind them, as you see, waiting to come in and eat. 

I noticed that the crows are back at the Ag, too... and one was studiously ignoring me when I was there at noon, waiting to eat some dropped seed. 

I just went to the door to let Lilly in. 

This is Lil, sitting on the step before the door. 

What is remarkable is that there are four crows, the chickens and her sworn enemy, a squirrel, either on, in or around the feeder. 

She was 12 in July.  She did go outside last night at about 8, and ran (sort of) straight for the old henhouse, the one where the kittens eat and the raccoons visit. 
I am loath to let her tangle with a raccoon.  

Then I heard barking, a lot of it, and Jester became agitated and jumped up and down off the sofa, at the window.  I went to the door with my bright, bright spotlight, and there were two young coons on the feeder.  However, I called Lil in and she came immediately.  I think even she realizes she is 
not up to it.  I will call the vet in the morning and get her in this week to find out what is going on. 

I took this through the door window.  If I open the door, they all take off.  The fourth crow had gone to the left.  

This is a brown Leghorn, pronounced "Leggern".  I literally can't open the door 
without everyone coming to see what's up. 

I mean, up close and personal. 

GO LAY AN EGG!!!  (I got three today) 

This is a baby raccoon that I caught the other night right at dusk in the seed feeder.  Lilly was out, but did not see it.  That is not sunlight to the left of the baby, that is Troy's driveway light on, it was already almost dark.  This little guy/girl let me get pretty close to take a picture, (after I gently called Lilly in) and before I got to the house, he/she had gone up the maple tree.  I am not leaving seed out that late now.  

Any pumpkins or squash I DO break up here will be in the pasture, not the yard. 

Speaking of late afternoon chores, it's 3:27 and I have work to do in the kitchen. 

I hope everyone has had a good weekend, and thanks for all your wonderful comments. 

I have kind of a surprise I've been keeping hidden that I will be ready to show you all tomorrow night. 

Thanks to all my veteran friends for your service, I appreciate the one percent of you all giving, even though many do not. 


  1. Maci Lynn is beautiful. It seems whatever stage of life you are in there are things to do! Love the cheeky raccoon.

  2. Hari OM
    I loved this post Mary Ann... little snippets of your weekend tagged together so beautifully; that shot of the bird table and the crow with wings outstretched is a winner!!! YAM xx

  3. Congrats about the great granddaughter! She looks beautiful!

  4. Enjoyable post, Sweet great granddaughter photo!

  5. It sounds like a wonderful weekend for you. Congrats on the new great granddaughter, She is beautiful. Will be looking forward to hearing about your surprise.

  6. A sweet baby. You should see the number of coons that we have on our game cams. We cannot believe that there are that many.

  7. Your pictures are always so good. Sweet baby girl. stella rose

  8. Great photos but we especially like that one of the pumpkins! And Maci Lynn is adorbs!!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  9. We don't have many coons but the possums are back! :(

  10. Very nice your blog and article. I like this blog thank for sharing.



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