Tuesday, November 7, 2017

The Weekend

It occurred to me that the new moon last week looked 
like the Star of Bethlehem.  

I pray we have peace in this coming holiday season, after the terrible events of 
October and last Sunday in Texas. 

To my classmates of  Bishop Ward '68.... I skipped the reunion to 
see the Fifty Summers of Love tour last Friday... yes, I'm still fangirling. 
(Is that a word?) 

And... I see that my friend took my picture with my sweater "hanger" hanging out on my collar.  :-( 

That's Doug Couture of The Fab Four portraying George Harrison.  
TFF did a set before the "main" show, which featured Mickey Dolenz of the Monkees, and 
Mark Lindsey of Paul Revere and the Raiders.  The Fab Four changed into Raider's coats and 
played backup. 

I was in the front row, but the stage was the highest one I had ever seen in my life... I had to look straight up almost all evening. 

Must be nice to still be doing what you want to do at the age of 

Grandson Chris and I buried Sister under our pony 
Beau's favorite tree in the pasture. 

With him is Nickie (cat), Gwen (cat), and Addie Mae and Hannah Jean, both pugs and all 
dearly beloved and missed.   I am so glad we chose to bring him home. 

I started the hole, but thank heavens for Chris's help, because he had to finish it. 

We did this to be on the safe side, I am hearing coyotes every night now, close. 

We are going to trim the lower branches on this tree, if Beau were alive now, he would not be able to stand under it because the lower branches have grown so. 

At least two of the four feral kittens are eating regularly in the 

I am thinking I saw both black and white kittens on the 
camera last night. 

I also see Spooky, who has a very fluffy tail.  

The kittens are now 6 or 7 months old. 

There is Harlequin, I see her daily. 

But, these guys are still coming, too... though there was some food 
left this morning.  My plan is to make a cat door in the side wall, 
and put rabbit wire or maybe even a full wall between the feed room and the coop, 
so that I can keep chickens in there again. 

Right now, there is sagging poultry wire, and the raccoons and cats run up and down it, and 
over the top into the "coop side".  It might be easier just to build a wall and seal off the holes into the back of the henhouse, the coop side. 

Look whom popped up on the deck on the second camera...

That is the gray and white feral cat who eats at the gate. 

No wonder Sister used to catterwaul at night. 

and this guy....

and of course, another raccoon, though this looks like the big one that was in the henhouse. 

Twinkle has now graduated to a grown up litter box, and I am going to fill a hole with the used litter in her little old one. 

I also have to lift that heavy bag of dirt off the cat food in the mornings... Ugh... I'm getting a locking can this week.  I am using the other can for cardboard and plastic recyclables.

It looks bleak out, but I am liking the cooler November weather. 

Making a big pot of beef vegetable soup today for the volunteer's luncheon at the Ag Hall 
tomorrow... the house smells heavenly! 


  1. My condlences on the loss of your furry friend. Neat photos.

  2. I am loving your IG pictures of Twinkle. What a pistol! :-D I'm glad you have her!

  3. It is so good to see you back HOME.

  4. Hari OM
    Well done on going to the concert instead of a reunion... though as I know what it is to be height challenged, being right at the front might not have been the optimum! Hope your neck held out. Winter has taken a bite at us today. What a difference a week makes. YAM xx

  5. I'll be 74 in March and I'm still loving what I do. What a great show that must have been. Soup is wonderful these chilly days. I make leftover turkey soup yesterday and even put a container of it in the freezer for later on. Enjoy these lovely November days !

  6. We have our own little burial place for our love ones. I cleaned out a cabinet and found all of County's things in a drawer. I still tear up because I miss her so much

    I wish we has those kinds of concerts around here

    We caught a possum last night in the live trap. He got a new zip code today.

    Take care

  7. That hen house must be a very busy place at night. Hope none of the feral cats and other visitors are not eating the hens!

    1. Sister, so far we are 0 for hens being killed, but I am taking steps to make sure it stays that way.

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