Monday, November 27, 2017

Thanksgiving Week

A Week!!!

I can't believe nearly a week has gone by since I posted. 

On Wednesday, I went down to Garnett to get grandson Christopher. 

On Thursday, we ate at Ihop!

As you can see, he did not have a traditional turkey dinner. 

We expected Ihop to be swamped, with a line.  It was not. 
We had a lovely waitress, and I got the turkey dinner,
but brought most home.  It was delicious.  Chris inhaled his 
stuffed French toast. 

He does not normally eat sweets, but loved this. 

We both had the gingerbread hot chocolate, we had tried it 
before and loved it. 

Oddly enough, we ended up not going early Black Friday shopping.
I did make a run to Penney's later, but we dispensed with the crowds at 
Wal-mart, etc.. 

The weather could not have been better, it actually hit high 60's. 


Not kidding. 

Yes, they are pooping all over the porch, I am going to have to get something to clean it off, 
a scrubber or the big broom and suds, and do it regularly. 


I still have not had to buy more feed, though, they pretty much are feeding themselves until 
winter really gets here. 

I went to a barn sale on Friday morning, and saw this hanging on the wall, way up. 
Everyone was standing to admire it, but it was HIGH... I took a picture, I don't want a huge sign 
like that, but I am going to re-create it and put it in a small frame, I think we need to 
remember to choose happiness. 

Before Chris went home yesterday, he went to connect the lights on the 
"primitive" type tree I am using this year. 
Guess what?  THE PLUG WAS GONE. 

This one here is NOT SO INNOCENT. 

My stylish Boston Terrier socks are so hot I 
am not going to be able to wear them except the coldest days. 

I went this morning and got some lights that are battery-run, and I am 
going to strip the tree and re-dress it. 

I thought this was a neat picture at dusk the other day... the moon was just above the Beacon of the Farm. 

My poor old big trees are shedding limbs right and left.  I suspect I am going to have to do something serious to both the old walnut, here, and the maple tree by the house and deck.  Both are shedding regularly now when we have wind. I am thinking I'll do it in the spring. 

This weekend and next, we have Santa's Express at the National Agricultural Center  in Bonner 
Springs (Ks.) 

It is free... let me repeat, free.  Yes, we put out some donation jars, but it is free. 

Santa is in the train depot... and your kids can visit and have their pictures taken by you FREE. 
Train rides (unless we get a foot of snow, but right now, they are saying 50's) 

The blacksmith is working in the blacksmith shop. 

Crafts (make and take) in the General Store.
The schoolmarm also has crafts in the schoolhouse. 

Cocoa and cookies in the Big Red Barn. 

Hours are 10 - 3 on the 2nd and 3rd, and the 9th and 10th. 

There is a 5K run on the 2nd, and a 1K walk. 

If I live through it all, I'm on the downhill run to Christmas. 

I hate to say this, but for the first time in my life, I have a rooster problem, 
all joking aside.  He has become a terror. 

Today he attacked me from behind, without any provocation. 

I can't handle this, folks, I am having a problem with my inner ear, 
some of you know I have fallen five times since mid-summer.  

I'm afraid Cogburn may have to go.  I carry a stick with me, 
but even a solid kick to the breast yesterday did not dissuade him. 

(and I don't kick easily, it's just not in me to hurt another creature). 

He is too doggone beautiful for the pot, if I could find someone that would take him, I would gladly pass him on. 

He is only 8 months old. 

This picture does not do him justice, but I'm not going to get within striking distance to get a better!

It is in the 60's again here today in NE Kansas... who can believe it? 


  1. Hari OM
    Yikes; I am having 50year flashbacks; yup, that cockeral was a menace and I fear he's been reborn and resides in Kansas! Hope you can resolve this to your satisfaction Mary Ann... Meanwhile, you've been/are being busy and that is all to the good. I's jus' not ready for Christmas this year. Sigh... YAM xx

  2. You seem so much happier since you moved back to the farm! Good decision!

  3. I would have been in a sugar coma if I had the stuffed french toast. The Ag event will be a lot of work, but so many people will enjoy it.

    Yup, that rooster needs to go, or he needs some serious thumping to teach him to leave you alone.

  4. it's to be 60 degrees here today and definitely not normal for us but I'm loving it. So sorry your rooster is such a terror. I once had to put one of our dogs down because he wouldn't stop biting my son. Sometimes they just have a mean streak and nothing else can be done. It was one of hardest things to do, but I couldn't give him away knowing he might bite someone else. You do have some busy days ahead there, but sounds like a lot of fun too. Hope the weather holds up.


  6. Great photos! Yup, bad rooster . . . we knew he was trouble!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  7. Oh there is that rooster!!!
    bad boy!

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