Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Pretty Crazy

Lots of funny things have  been happening around here, of late. 

This is what I regularly see when I open the door to go out, especially if I have 
stepped out to the car, etc., and then gone back in. 

Yesterday morning, I heard a sound that sounded dreadfully like mice... we had them 
so badly when we lived here before, and the big house finally had to be treated for them. 

I put it in the back of my mind and went on about my day. 

In the afternoon, after I had gone to a meeting and done errands, I came back in. 

Pretty soon, I heard it again... 

tap tap tap 

It was two of these girls tapping on the metal door with their beaks. 

Long time readers will remember the goats used to do the same thing!

Even if they are clear across the yard, they run for the porch when I show my face, and now 
they are knocking on the door!  Animals amaze me. 

Sadly, one of the hens is not doing well, I believe she has upper respiratory, and 
is coughing.  She should be isolated, I know.  She is also staying inside, or close to the 
henhouse.  If this goes on much longer, she may have to be euthanized, and that hurts me, too. 

I am going to dose her with an antibiotic and isolate her in the feed room tonight and see if 
that helps.  

I am going to a birthday party in a few minutes for this little guy: 

Yes, that's our little mascot from the Ag, who turns five today!

Twinkle had shots yesterday, second shots.  Also, a shot of penicillin, as coughing had started again. 
Twink was worn out when we got home, and slept most of the evening on my lap in the recliner. 

Well guess what? 


The proof was right there when he rolled on his back on my lap. 
Dr. Becker called this morning to check on him, and I told him, and he was very surprised. 
I told him I had seen the proof!  He is going to double check when we go back for third shots in two weeks. 

We did have a good laugh!  You see, I thought Sister was a boy until he was vetted and discovered to be a neutered male. 

These two, Twink and Jester, are still bosom buddies. 

Grandkids Paiton and Jax were here Saturday night, and on Sunday morning, Paiton helped me make pancakes for breakfast.  

She is already my assistant cookie-maker, so now we are learning how to do simple meals. 

Notice she is carefully holding her sleeve back.  

He is such a beautiful boy, but still going after me!

Feral kitten Harlequin will let me get within three feet of her, but that's it. 

She watched me get her food ready yesterday, but when I turned my back, took off to the rafters. 
She and Spooky are eating in the henhouse daily, but I rarely see the other two. 

I need to work on some pictures I took from a distance of some Harris sparrows, who migrate through here and were eating at my bird buffet. 

I'll post them tomorrow after I go to Garnett to pick up Chris. 

Yes, my beautiful Lil is still around!


  1. We hope everyone gets and stays healthy and that the mice stay away!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy and Stanley

  2. Hari OM
    Love that shot of Lilly... sending some POTP for the crook chook, and to Twinkle. Coughs in animals are always a worry. YAM xx

  3. Yes, animals do the silliest of things! We sure do enjoy them!

  4. My hens use to come running to the front of their pen every time I opened the front door. They thought I was going to give them treats every time.

    You are staying very, very busy.

    Really cute picture of Twinkle and Jess. Lily is beautiful.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

  5. Glad it was the hens and not mice knocking at your door. I love that picture of Lil on the couch. Looks very tempting!

  6. My favorite picture is Lily and that ornery boy with jes. stella rose

  7. Great pics.
    The kids are getting so big!

    Wishing you a lovely Thanksgiving.

    M : )

  8. I hope the chickie is better.

  9. Ha, I laughed at your cat being a boy. The same thing happened with the kitten my granddaughter chose from our litter. We named her Cassie and 3 month later had to change it to Casper. BTW I really enjoy reading about your farmette. Sharon

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