Saturday, December 12, 2015

The Christmas Horse Parade 2015

Last Saturday, I was able to go to the annual Horse-drawn Christmas Parade in 
Lawrence, Kansas. 

I went alone... but met up with a friend after the parade, and was able to have a 
relaxing lunch and visit after a very hard week. 

I'd like to show you some of the pictures of the parade...
the weather was great, compared to last year's 20 degree temps and 

The Buffalo Soldiers were singing cadence as they presented the colors. 

It is hard to hold the big camera and take pictures while the colors are presented (I had to keep covering my heart). 

Then came the horse-drawn vehicles, mostly all decorated for Christmas. 

I wish you could have heard the jingling! 

Merry Christmases were flying everywhere. 

This is a Halflinger pulling this cart, but the little girl behind it is 
riding a Clydesdale. 

There were many black Percherons and Friesians. 

Standard donkeys pulling carts. 

Beautiful ladies riding sidesaddle. 

Tiny mini horses. 

Standard Shetland and Welsh ponies. 

Big Clydesdales pulling heavy wagons. 

General Washington even rode a big Percheron. 

It was such a wonderful day for me after the sadness of the preceding week. 

This group made everyone chuckle.  See the wraps on the horse's legs? 
They were Christmas socks!  Many of the riders in the group displayed them. 

Then, in the distance... came Santa's elves in a big troupe. 

And there, in the distance, came the Jolly Old Elf himself!

Usually he rides in a wagon or cart... but this year, he was 

Ooops... his horse got a little excited as he called out Merry Christmas to us! 

What a wonderful parade it was. 

Two deputies brought up the rear... followed by the street cleaners! 

It was a great morning, and I think everyone enjoyed the 36th annual parade. 

I hope you did, too. 


  1. Wow,, beautiful photos. So glad you could go.

  2. Beautiful; I hope it was a balm to your spirit, Mary Ann.

  3. I do love parades. The pictures you got are wonderful. Especially Santa on his horse!

  4. Great horse parade! We went to one in Afton, Wyoming (4th of July). It was a small town parade and it went down one side of the street, made a u-turn and came back on the other side of the street. Folks clapped and cheered as much the second time as the first!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  5. Lovely day for a parade! I love horses with those big ol' hooves :)

  6. Well you know I did. I know you had a hard week and I'm so sorry. I hope you have a much better one this week.

    Take care Mary Ann.


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