Thursday, December 10, 2015

Here Comes Winter

 I have been hauling Christmas boxes up and down the stairs this afternoon. 

I just have one question. 

Where did it all come from? 

I intended to donate more than half of it this year, but 
Pete's final illness squashed that idea, so... I'm going to 
mark the bins so I know which need to go to the Good Shepherd next fall. 

This tiny little tree is the living room tree this year. 

I just don't have the oomph right now. 

Here is the spare bedroom tree, and I love it.  I have always loved my 
skinny primitive tree.  I still need to put a skirt around it. 

It does light up. 

I need to vacuum in the morning, and put the nativity set out. 

People are cutting the grass in our neighborhood, there is a man out there now.  
As you see, there is still a lot of green. 

This was our little side-yard-pond last week, after the rain we had. 

Actually, we are now expecting a 100% chance of rain this weekend, 
so I think it will look like this again. 

When I was on my way home from church the other night, 
I saw something way in the distance.  I stopped and waited. 

14 crossed the road (another lady stopped on the other side).

They joined a large group in the field on my left. 

After the group joined,  there were well over 20 birds together. 

I just love these birds!  


  1. There are 14 similar birds we see most mornings on our walk. some years they have been in our yard, and some years not. They seem to like our neighbours. Your trees are sweet!

  2. Your trees are pretty.

    Turkeys are fun to watch.

    Rain's better than ice.

  3. I love both of your trees! They are both just perfect!

  4. I love that little primitive tree too. lol...I must have been in a bahhumbug mood. Went to get a tree from upstairs and they were all gone except 1 that I had given to my sister and she sent it back saying the lights did not work....

  5. Your trees are wonderful. I used to have one of those skinny trees, but now all I have is a couple of table top trees about 2 feet high. I have given away a lot of Christmas things but still have way too much. I'm trying to keep it simpler, but even that seems too much some days.

  6. such pretty trees. i just can't get in the xmas spirit. it's going to be 75 here this weekend.


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