Wednesday, December 16, 2015

A Trip to the Dogtor

Today we made a slightly late trip to see Dogtor Tom. 

Shots... and to discover why Lilly has been limping for the last few weeks. 
It seems we get halfway through our walk, and she begins to 
lift her right front foot, and then to limp slowly back to the car. 

It's stifling our style (laugh). 

Yes, they are looking slightly chagrined, and this was just before 
the doctor had to muzzle Lilly, who has never liked being "handled". 

She appears to have some damage to her right shoulder... so we are using 
Rimadyl for a few days... and then we will have to have 
a week off of walking if that does not help, to give the sore 
tendons/muscles time to heal. 

Look where we went when we left the doctor's office. 

Wyandotte County Lake. 

I show you more geese because I wanted to show you something. 

Do you see them in the center? 

Nature absolutely thrills me.  

These appear to be Ross's Geese... or possibly a Ross's/Snow Goose cross. 

or these: 

Male and Female Common Goldeneyes.  They are amongst the last of 
the ducks to migrate, and often stay where there is open water (like Wyco Lake). 

The lake is having Eagle Days on January 14 and 15, so Keith and I will pick a day and go. 

As soon as the geese saw Lilly and Jester coming, they began to amble towards the water. 

The Water Baby went as far out into the shallow as she could on a short leash. 
Next time we go, we'll put her on a longer one. 

The little guy was having a blast!  He ran back and forth in the mud, as fast as he could on the leash, and ran in great circles around me.  He loved the mud, but did not go into the water. 

Why did I not pick that bag up?  Plastic bags can kill geese. 

Lilly was content to watch and not try to get farther into the water. 

The geese were as interested in us as we were in them, and came closer and closer. 

And now, on to wrapping! 


  1. Absolutely wonderful pictures!

  2. Great pictures Mary Ann. We have had less and less trips to the Dogtor. We are down to 7 dogs which still sounds like a lot....but, considering where we were.....not so many.

  3. Beautiful pictures. Love that blue blue water . Sorry your walks will be short for a while but hope Lily feels better soon.

  4. Glad Lilly is on the mend.
    Love the pictures. I've always thought that geese are so pretty.

    Merry Christmas!


  5. I would have to get in the water and bark hello to those geese. Well, I might not say "hello", I might invite them to dinner BOL!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  6. We are soooo happy that lily is going to be okay, how do you know so much about all those birds, you are just super smart. stella rose

  7. Sending lots of good vibes to you Lilly
    Lily & Edward


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