Monday, December 21, 2015

Christmas Party 2015

Friends, for your kind comments from my last post... 
thank you so very much. 

I have never, ever had 19 comments! 

I appreciate you all, every one of you. 

So... if anyone wants to skip this post, please feel free to. 

It's the family Christmas Party. 

We have 11 wonderful grandkids, from 3 months old to 23. 

Most were here. 

(One of my favorite pictures, and the perfect picture of son-in-law Jesse, 
who is the best dad to his three little boys.) 

The look on Keith's face about says it all. 

Great grandpa Ralph and the littlest one. 

Son Jim and part of his family (Madison and Chris missing) 

I really should have kept my Christmas jacket on!  

My walking buddies had to stay in the bedroom during the party, but Nathan and I took them out afterwards. 

And they got out in time to see the kids, whom they love. 

Another favorite picture!

Keith's mother gave us six place-settings and serving dishes of her 
Waechtersbach Christmas china, bought in Germany while 
Keith was stationed there.  
It is gorgeous! 

We'll be using it at Christmas for the two of us, and next year at the 

This is a pitcher and a large serving bowl. 

Here's Nathan at the bridge over Angel Falls... notice we did NOT go down to the creek with his clean shoes on! 

We took Nathan home to Garnett today, and 
are resting tonight.  One more trip... to Independence, tomorrow, to 
see son Jeff.... and then a quiet week for us. 


  1. Love the pics Mary Ann. Read your blog every day you post.

  2. Having never lived close to family in order to have these kinds of celebrations, I'm a bit in awe. How blessed you are!

  3. So happy you had this big celebration!

  4. Mary Ann these are beautiful pictures of your family. Wonderful memories were made last night. Love seeing those cute grands.

    Happy Tuesday!

  5. I loved seeing your happy family at Christmas. That is what it is all about...sharing love. Our gathering isn't until Sunday, and I'm looking forward to it too.

  6. WE felt like we were right there at the party!!! We love those dishes....stella rose

  7. Looks like a wonderful time was had by all!

    We're having a split Christmas this year: Christmas Day with Frito pies and gifts; then sometime over the weekend with Christmas dinner and gifts for another group.

  8. Oh boy! Bet those little 2-leggers dropped some good stuff
    Happy Holidays
    Lily & Edward

  9. Your family is beautiful. Thank you for sharing them!

  10. Always good to see friend's family.


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