Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Epic Fail and Some More Wildlife

Aren't these lovely chocolate chip cookies?  Which I have made for 45 years, at least? 

I am still laughing. 

It's not just the fact that I forgot to leave the butter out all night to soften.... 

I forgot I was using the small measuring cup... and had a good laugh
when I realized what I had done. 

However,.... I had to throw them all away and start over. 

Part of Batch Two, delivered to son Jeff this afternoon as part of his Christmas. 

Whew.  I haven't lost my mojo after all. 

Two more batches being made tomorrow, as we have the mail girl to 
gift, and the Fed Ex man who delivers Keith's weekly protein packs. 

Both great people. 

Saturday evening, after we walked the dogs, Nathan 
and I decided to go find a present for his girlfriend, Rachel. 

Rachel loves pandas.  

We went to Walmart (crazy inside) and there were NO pandas. 
We decided to walk next door to Kohls.  
Look at some of the things we saw on the way. 

Mums still blooming on December 19.  

This is a blurry picture of veronica, also blooming.  

There were at least 3 veronica plants blooming. 

Every single bush we passed had buds swelling on them. 

A crazy December! 

As it happened... we found pandas JUST INSIDE Kohls, 
for 5.00 each.  (part of their books/stuffed toys promotion). 
All the books for the pandas were gone, so 
Nathan bought two pandas for Rachel, and I found 
him a nice bag and some tissue.  
I told him to get a nice card for her and put it in the bag, and 
we also put different kinds of candy in it for her. 

His first gift for a girlfriend! 
He is saving right now for prom in April, and willingly helped me 
while he was here to earn a little money. 

Here was the little pond tonight as we went for our walk. 

The skies appear to be clearing, but wind and rain are in the forecast for the next 3 days. 

Here were the three mallard drakes and one mallard duck you can just barely see in the above picture. 

We walked at Basehor City Park, where the squirrels are still active. 
The same night we shopped, Nathan and I saw a white squirrel in Basehor, and I am 
keeping my eye out for it. 

That is not it. 

The dogs and I rounded a corner to see this hawk on a pole. 

Not a redtail, it is a Coopers.  I had to lighten the picture considerably to 
even be able to make it visible, because the lighting was so bad. 

It didn't stick around long when I stopped the car. 

Tomorrow night, Jax and Paiton stay with us, as their 
parents both have to work Christmas Eve, and 
their interim day care is closed on Thursday. 

We are trying to think of something fun to do... maybe the Chipmunks movie! 


  1. Our mom would still have eaten the fail cookies. She would have rolled it up like a tortilla and had at it. Sometimes she embarasses us.

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  2. So glad you found the pandas.

    I would have eaten the thin cookies anyway!!!

    Blessed holidays for you. My spirit never arrived.

  3. Hey, I have made cookies that look like that first batch! That is what pigs are for!

  4. Oh those cookies,,,, we would have ate them anyway!

  5. And the ballots are in: you threw away perfectly edible cookies! ;-)

  6. Hooray for pandas...and for Grandma to go shopping with! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  7. We saw a humongous hawk hunting the field at the son-in-laws property the other day. Up and down, athletic bird. It was on one of the bad windy days too.

    That was sweet of you to take him to look for a panda. Glad ya'll found some.

    lol....I thought maybe you were gonna use that cookie as a dessert crust :)

  8. I am laughing at your cookies because on the weekend, my husband was making crepes and realized he had forgotten something (I can't remember what), so he added that, made another crepe and realized he had forgotten the butter. It was sort of a crepe failure lol!

  9. The failed cookies look like something I would do. I now try to recheck recipes as I have often left out something important. Don't know where my mind goes. One thing about it is that every one loves some home baked cookies and yours will be appreciated. They don't need to know about the failed batch. It was an epic fall for us too. Make us wonder just what winter is going to bring.

  10. Stopping by to wish you a very Merry Christmas :)



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