Tuesday, December 29, 2015


Guess what? 

We got about 3 inches of snow... and the intrepid dogs and I walked in it! 

Yes, it was pretty darn cold, and I realized after a few minutes that 
there was ice underneath. 

Pluckiest. Dog. Ever. 

I know he was cold and he came right along, did not hold back. 
I am so proud of him! 

We were alone, as you can see... except for these ... 

The snow showed how many different animals had been there overnight and this morning. 

Lilly took off as soon as we got out of the car... 

And then, as you see... totally got away from me.  Boy, I was worried for a second that she 
was about to take off after squirrels, because there is an open pasture in the direction she is 
looking.  She stopped another ten yards down the path, and I was able to get her.  

As you see, there was no wind, and that's what saved us in the 30 degree weather. 

The ice-covered trees were gorgeous. 

When we got home, there was a gold and a purple finch eating at the nyjer feeder. 

I was glad to see them, I see very few goldfinches here, and we had lots at the old place. 

This blurry pictures shows some of the mourning doves eating... they constantly drive each other off, though we think of them as gentle creatures.  

And then... it happened... I looked out the window to see this. 

Mourning doves on the fenceline. 

See the bird on the post? 


That's why I'm screaming. 

They poop all over everything.  They drive the other birds off. 
They eat EVERY BITE. 

Once they find the feed... look out! 

Remember the chicken houses at the old house?  

The European Starling. 

I guess they have to eat, too.  

At least they will clean up the seed pile! 

And I'd better stock up on seed! 


  1. you officially have more winter than we do. it's rarely been below 50 here. unreal.

  2. Beautiful to see, but really cold for a morning walk. Your dogs look happy in it though. What pretty bird pictures.

  3. Yup, they will go through the seeds! We think 30 sounds warm since we have been in the teens and twenties! Think spring!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  4. I'm happy to say that we still have no snow on the ground here. It is getting colder though. There have been times I've quit feeding the birds due to the starlings. Keep warm and be careful of that ice!

  5. yuck, snow. I hate it. Ice is even worse.

    Happy New Year Mary Ann.

    Will be out till the 4th. Take care,

  6. Where is your coat!
    Lily & Edward

  7. Wow your snow was crispy looking! Burrrrr.
    Oh man you will need a semi load of food for the birds.

  8. We've gotten a ton of snow here!
    Our feeders have been filled and refilled, as the poor birds are hungry. No starlings.... yet.

    Wishing you all a very Happy New Year!!



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