Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Back to the Fifties

Temps that is... though Keith DID have the temerity to say to me at lunch today 
"Back when YOU were in college...." talking about college athletics. 
Uh huh. 

And it wasn't the fifties, folks.  I'm not THAT old. 

Is that a beautiful picture or what????  Moe and April, on the fence this afternoon. 
It is in the mid-fifties out, and the sun is coming in and out of clouds.  Last night, we had a very brief thunderstorm and rain... and then it cleared beautifully.  Now we have clouds coming over again, and a bit of bluster has started up.  However, we expect balmy temps the rest of the week. 

Likewise, Ferdie and Splash, a few yards away from the above pair. 

I was in the bedroom packing another box, and heard Abby barking... she ran out onto the step... I had assumed there were chickens on the porch... 
then she ran down into the driveway...

She went full tilt boogie, stopping to bark some more.... and this is what she was barking at: 


  1. it looks like everyone is enjoying the milder temps! the snow missed us but the cold and wind is here full tilt!

  2. Your last pi did not come through for me.

    M : )

  3. A little bit of nice weather makes everyone feel good! The beautiful chickens and Abby barking at those goatys

  4. The animals are probably wondering what is going on
    Lily & Edward

  5. Well, that's a mystery. The last picture didn't come up for me. :)

  6. Looks like they were having the goat crazies. I guess you've heard of kitty crazies? My cats get them all the time.

  7. Fifties do sound balmy. The thermometer here said 11 degrees outside when I looked at it this morning. Hope you enjoy that nicer weather and have a great day.


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