Tuesday, March 11, 2014

A Blustery Day

Well, well... we went to 81 degrees today, and 
now the Old North Wind is blowing, and we are already down to 61.  
I have all the windows open, and the house airing out... but we expect a high 
of fourty four tomorrow, then back up into balmier weather. 
If I remember correctly, we had snow in both April, and on 
May 2nd last year, so I am hoping we don't repeat that. 

I am so proud of this girl.  I don't know whether it's old age... she will be nine this year, or what.... but she is no longer going after every chicken she sees.  I DO keep an eye on her, by glancing out the door... but I can trust her outside with the henspa flock loose. 

You have no idea of the pleasure I get from seeing the girls and Ferdie and Moe in the yard.  
It makes me so happy, and will be one thing I miss. 

I found this nest in the 4 x 4 pen in the old henyard this morning.  

There were eight duck eggs in it, but I did not know how 
fresh any of them were, so I broke them and fed them to the henspa flock. 

I know where two or three more are, but can't get to them.  That was the one good thing about the ducks being inside two weeks ago, I was able to get pretty clean eggs each morning. 

Last week when Chris was here, he helped me clean the flower beds up a little. 

The chickens have been helping, too!

Can you even SEE Bitty? 

We've been able to fill the duck pond the last several days, and Abby is SO HAPPY about that!


  1. I didn't know Pugs liked water so much. Your chickens look very healthy and happy. I hope you are rested up from your trip and are starting to pack : )

  2. This weather sure is nutty. Ours keeps going up and down too
    Lily & Edward

  3. We have crazy weather too Little Abby is quite silly about the water!

  4. we are in the midst of dropping 80 degrees. it was 70 here yesterday and tomorrow morning it will be -10!

  5. Winter is not over here we are expecting more snow 8-12 inches today. We did have 2 days in the 50's to melt a lot of what we did have now we'll get more to take it's place. Hope you have a wonderful Wednesday!

  6. I always said I was going to get a pug when something happened to Country. I still love them, but have since decided with all the cats that I don't want an inside dog right now. May change my mind when I retire.

    It's 62 today, suppose to be 30 degrees colder in the morning...... I'm so ready for this to be over!

  7. ICE....we have ice on the road thick this morning and it is 28 outside, we think mother nature is a bigass tease.
    stella rose

  8. What is it about kids, dogs and mud puddles? You just can't keep them away!


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