Sunday, March 23, 2014

Moving On Out

I have NO IDEA where we accumulated so much .... our outbuildings are 
full and we did not have this much to start with... Keith and I are amazed 
at the accumulation of "stuff".  

This morning, we went out to the pony/llama/goat barn to bring the 
"furniture" out so that the nice Langford family, who adopted our goats, 
could take it home to be used by them. 

We were so glad to hear that the goats are settling in very well, and their 
lone goat Spot is overjoyed to have some company of his own kind. 

What a relief for me. 

Keith and I had to dig down more than a foot to be able to move 
the benches in the barn, there was so much bedding from the hard winter. 

Keith got a little bit tuckered out, we had to dig out so much hay. 

Our helper wasn't making things any easier, either. 

She and Lilly were escorted into the yard, and the pasture gate closed. 

If you wonder why Keith was dressed so warmly...


It's already gone, we are up to 32 at 3 PM, but still, a rude jolt back to reality. 
It seems we are to have cooler temps this week with two chances for rain. 
As long as it doesn't rain on our parade on Saturday, please!

Look closely, and you can see Fawni and Spicey enjoying one last fortex of warm water 
that I carried out this morning.  For some reason, they ran around the pasture for a few minutes, and then went back into the henyard, where they stayed until their new owners came.  
They were caught without a fight, and crated up, and by now have joined the 
seven other ducks at their new home. 

There goes the bench that Keith and I struggled to dig out and carry out of the barn... in one fell swoop carried by Billy Langford, who now has the goats. 
His wife Katie and kids were here, too. 

Just goes to show what a strong young back can do. 

I found these little paw prints on the steps of the henspa this morning, leading up to the door and back.  
Cat?  or Possum?  

I think cat, but they are very small. 

And this, folks, was the culmination of two and a half years of donations to the Good Shepherd... I had five dozen eggs to donate yesterday... it has given me so much pleasure to do this... and yes, it was very hard work sometimes, but knowing that we made a difference in the lives of our fellow people here in Leavenworth county is satisfying.  
I had two huge sacks of egg cartons to give to the Tates and Langfords, who took the chickens this morning when they came for the ducks... and hope that our legacy will live on, and someone else will step up to donate eggs to the pantry. 

I saved back three hens to take with me to the new house, three standard hens, Buffy, the Polish girl, 
Mama, the white hen who is such a good mother, and Henrietta, a year old red hen who is very friendly. 
However, after Keith and I have thought about it, we really are not going to have enough room.  I am going to take Moe, the little rooster, and four little bantam girls.  Mrs. Tate, who has our chickens that were picked up Wednesday, and is the grandmother of Hayley the Chicken Whisperer, has agreed to take these three girls, and Folly and Fancy, the porcelain D'Uccle pair.  What a relief for me. 

That leaves the beautiful Ferdinand... big rooster, 3 small D'Uccle roosters.... Speedy, the tiny Old English Rooster, and the three old roosters who live in the rafters of the old henhouse, along with a tiny hen who lives with them. 
We are thinking that if the three feisty D'Uccle roosters are gone, that the five birds in the rafters will finally come down for a while.  Our feed store clerk, my friend Marsha, suggested I bring the roosters over to their parking lot and some of the customers there may want them. 
I'm going to do that in a couple of weeks... after we get moved. 

We are in no hurry to finalize things here, chicken-wise.... until we absolutely have finished everything. 

I am taking a day off of moving today, after packing another round of boxes.  
Iowa State is about to start playing and Keith and I are going to sit and watch the game. 
Go, Cyclones!  


  1. what a lot of work for you. i am so happy you are finding places for everyone. it sounds like they have good new homes. i think you will be very ready to relax once this is all behind you!

  2. Wow, I'm tired now. :)
    Sounds like things are progressing well for the both of you.
    Didn't like the snow the morning? I went a way fast.

    Get lots of rest.

    M :)

  3. It looks like cat paws. Looking at the prints it makes me miss my cat. I haven't been on this blog for a while, I get a bit lost about what's happening.

  4. Moving is a massive job. I certainly don't envy you.

  5. Mary Ann,

    My motto for moving, take many breaks!!!

  6. I worry about you and Keith with this move. Please gather anyone and everyone you know to help out. However, once you get the outside stuff taken care of the hardest part will be over. Please be careful. I think your animals are all going to continue to be very happy : ) You did good.

  7. You sound like things are moving right along. Will keep praying for you both!

  8. Glad you took some time out today It sounds like it was very much needed. You all have been very busy there for sure!

  9. Oh gosh- look how cold it is there!! still cold! And your all working so hard!

  10. We got a cold snap yesterday, today and a couple of more days this week. Where is Spring.

    Glad the critters are all getting good homes Mary Ann.

  11. Nice dog. Beautiful farm. Are these eggs from your farm. Great job.

    Trees Planet


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