Friday, March 14, 2014

A Visit to the Vet

This little girl, Abby Lynn, made a visit to the vet early this morning. 

Abs, who turned six last weekend, has begun suffering from allergies.  We are going to have to treat her now, so that she and WE can get some rest.  Keith even slept on the living room floor near her last night. 

You also can't tell, but her right front paw is swollen, and the toe you cannot see has a swelling in between it and the next toe.  The vet does not think it is abscessed yet, but we are soaking it tonight in Epsom salts to try to prevent that. 

Snowball has begun setting, another sign that spring is nigh. 

She does NOT like for me to take the eggs out from under her, and is very vocal about it! 

I actually got about 16 eggs today, a good day for production after the last week or so. 

There's that little Speedy again.  He stays pretty far away from the henyard during the day, because the bigger bantams beat on him.  I am going to try to take Speedy with us when we move. 

I used this picture even though there are shadows in it, because I wanted to show you the ducks having a treat.  They LOVE the goat chow... Purina Goat Chow.  They had a little nosh of it tonight when I was taking care of the goats. 

They come running over when they see me come out of the hay barn, where the feed is stored for the goats. 

Today we signed the closing papers on the house, so we will soon be starting a new adventure. 
There is a good level spot on the side of the house for a garden, and it sits next to a patio. 
I am wondering if something like this, that I saw on a post this morning, would work for some privacy for us. 

Here is the link to the post.

Here is an example of a privacy panel that could be put up to provide privacy at the patio: 

Pretty cool, huh? 

We have a family coming to look at the chickens tomorrow, with a ten year old girl who 
wants to start out chicken-keeping.  Her grandfather is our vet. 
We are hoping she will like a few of the smaller ones, and come back in two weeks after her spring break to get them. 
Cross your fingers! 


  1. A very interesting and nice blog.
    Greetings from Portugal

    Paulo Gonçalves

  2. Setting hens. How I hated reaching under them to get the eggs. They pecked and my hand would jerk and I would sometimes crack the egg on the edge of the nest box. I vowed then and there I did not want chickens. I was probably all of 10 years old at the time.
    Love that fence painting.

  3. Allergies are just NO fun, hope Abby gets to feeling better.

    Congrats on the closing and good luck with your

    M : )

  4. We keep sending good healing thoughts to Abby! Hopefully she will feel like resting at night,, and feel better in the day.
    We also hope the little girl picks out some chickens and takes them home!
    The privacy fence is beautiful!

  5. I just saw a paper on a new allergy drug for dogs that is getting good if I can just remember where I found it, I'll send it to you.

    I hope things go well with the new house. I sure like the painted fence idea.

  6. I love that fence with the painted flowers on it and then the real ones planted in front. I'd never seen one done like that before. You will be having some very busy days ahead with getting it all situated. Both yourselves and the animals.I do hope it all goes well. I hope your sweet Abby gets better soon too.

  7. Oh poor Abby, hope she improves soon, allergies are miserable! The mural is lovely and I reckon would be a really nice project in your new place. Fingers crossed for the hopeful chicken keeper!

  8. Love that fence. I might have to see if the hubby would want to do something like that to hide our big ac unit outside. Hope Abby feels better soon. I suffer from allergies (seasonal and peanuts) so I can relate. I think it is funny how animals can suffer from similar things as us. A friend of mine's dog takes the same pain medication that I do. hehe

  9. How exciting! You signed the papers! No backing out now. The photo of snowball is just too sweet and I do hope you can get Abby all lined out. Bless Keith's heart.

  10. Oh poor Abs!! Darned allergies. My paws are crossed about the little girl/chickens and also that fence is a great idea. Really neat. Even though I know how difficult this is, the new adventure is still exciting in it's own ways :)

  11. Oh poor baby, allergies really suck! I love the attitude of your hen.

  12. Poor Abby. Poor Keith, if I slept on the floor that is where you would find me until somebody could help me up.

    That hen looks like she's very mad at you for taking her eggs.

    I love that fence. Neat idea.


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