Sunday, March 16, 2014

Winter Returns for a Day

Thank heavens only for a day. 
It reminded me of what November to February was like... 

It was only a dusting, but at 29 degrees with the wind blowing hard... it felt like 12 inches as I did chores. 

Yesterday, a family came here to look at chickens. 

Mother, father, daughter, who thought she wanted baby chicks, but was 
willing to look at older chickens. 

It was 71 degrees out, and I took them into the new henspa yard. 

She loved the D'Uccle's, both porcelain and Mille Fleur. 

She wants this one. 

April, who is never separate from Moe anymore.  It hurts me. 

However... see these guys? 

I did NOT pay attention when the parents were here with the ten year old.  I went over and let the goats out. 
They proceeded to run to the strange people to check them out, and began nibbling at their clothing.  The people backed up, clearly afraid, and I realized I had made a huge error.  
One of them either nipped at or stepped on the gentleman's foot... and then I realized they had FLIP FLOPS ON. 

On a farm. 

They had gone into the henhouse like that. 


I should have warned them. 

The upshot was that the man went and sat in the car the rest of the time... and even though they said they would be back to get four chickens after their spring break trip... I doubt if I will see them. 

I'm not doing very well in the rehoming area. 

Spring has, indeed, sprung. 

And tulips are coming up everywhere, finally!

Geese are going back...

and forth. 

Abby had been helping me with chores yesterday, and it was 72 degrees out.  She had a nice, long drink of cold well water as I filled the duck's pool. 

While Lil laid in the shade of the car. 

This is a naughty Winnie, who got out of the pen and came up to the house with Abby and me. She likes to butt the dogs, so I wanted to get Abs in so she wouldn't get hurt.  She had a look and smell at the taco bar on the counter, I had had to eat before running out to do chores.  

You mean I can't stay in here where it's WARM????

No, Winnie, you can't! 

(She got lots of crackers). 

And here it is, folks, the first look at our new house... out in the county, but in a bona fide "neighborhood" of 
houses, all on one to two acre lots, on a farm that was cut up about 15 years ago into 
these large lots.  The house is fourteen years old.... needs some updating... and was never fenced, so 
we are taking care of the fencing first, before moving Abby and Lilly. 

We anticipate moving on the 29th. 

However, I will still be coming here daily to clean, paint, etc. etc. and care for 
any (all) of the animals left. 

I have to get busy and rehome. 

It's hard, that's all I can say. 

Everyone stay warm! 


  1. The home is beautiful, but I know that doesn't make it easier to part with so many of your dear four-footed/feathered charges. May God send people who will lovingly care for them until they die of old age. The family that came yesterday doesn't sound like good prospects; probably would have given up on the chickens when they realized chickens POOP or something!

    Long-distance hugs and prayers to you!

  2. It's impossible to idiot-proof ANYTHING!

  3. Oh my gosh!! Your new home is beautiful! We love the big window and the porch! Soon you will be making new memorys and planting flowers and bulbs!

  4. I was looking forward to when you posted a picture of your new house. Love that window - you'll soon make it home.

  5. The house is beautiful. People who wear flip flops to a farm shouldn't have the animals anyway.

  6. You do have a big job ahead of you with all the sorting out there. I do hope you find good homes for everyone. Your new home is lovely. How wonderful to have a 70 degree day. We were in the 20's yesterday but they do say we'll have some days in the 50's this week. Hope you have a wonderful Monday!

  7. A very nice house! I'm proud for ya'll.

    I think Winnie wanted a taco instead of crackers.

    Congratulations on your new home.

  8. You'll enjoy your new home with the large yard. Good fences make good neighbors, as they say ;)

    Winnie obviously enjoys being in the house!

  9. Oh its beautiful!!!! I agree with twee about loving that are gonna love it when you move and get that new fence up!!!
    stella rose
    p.s. we laughed alot when winnie snuck in the house.

  10. oh mary ann! what a great new house! you must be so excited about it.

  11. Flip flops at this time of year!!!!

  12. Love the new house! Looks great.

    I agree with Enie--flip flops?

    Hoping you find homes for everyone,

    M :)

  13. What a beautiful home! You will soon be making new memories here, and I hope we all get to go along for the ride. :) Winnie reminds me of our cat that keeps sneaking in the house!


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