Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Tuesday Already!

It seems like the weekends come and go, and we try to push our lives into them.  Then back to the weekly routine, early rising, rush through chores, off to work, use your brain all day (and sometimes your brawn), home to an hour of chores before fixing dinner.  Now that the days are growing shorter, morning chores are done in the dark, and soon, they will be in the dark on the other side, evening.  It makes us want to get in, get fed, get warm and cozy. 

It's already Tuesday evening, and Keith has accomplished a lot on the new henhouse since Sunday, despite two long trips Monday and Tuesday.  He is out there now putting his tools away, as we finally have a 50% chance of rain this evening late. 

Here is what the henhouse looks like today:

I am so proud of Keith.  He knew in theory how to build things, but over the last seven years, he has honed his skills.  This henhouse is built to stand up to an E5 tornado, and despite some initial setbacks with the roof, as you see, it is going along swimmingly.  This weekend Chris will be here to help with the remainder of the sheathing, which had to wait until the roof rafters were up. 

Here is another shot:

We will eventually have a small patio in front of it.  The yard will extend to the south... you are looking at the north side.  (north and east).  The yard will be fenced against the dogs, and covered on top so we don't lose any birds flying out, and so the wildings can't get in.  As you can see, it's up high enough that the birds can shelter under the house when it is hot out.  We'll give them some other kind of shade in their yard, as well.

We're fighting time, now, as it's starting to get cold.  There are three big roosters, Rambo, Brutus and Rocky.  We can't put them all together, so we would like to leave Rambo and his group in the big henhouse, and bring all the boys and girls over to the new henhouse from the little henhouse for the winter.  Then I can close up the little henhouse for the winter.  In the spring, the girls will stay in the new henhouse, and all the boys will go back to batchelor's quarters in the little henhouse.

We want to welcome all of our new readers tonight... we hope you like our blog, and have a laugh or two with us, and maybe a tear or two from time to time.  We love reading your blogs, and are glad to have you enjoying ours!


  1. It looks so good, i would move in!

  2. I like the fact that they can get under the shelter and stay cool. You have windows! Your Keith is my Ted. He too has learned by watching and reading. Great job Keith.

  3. I don't know how you keep all the flock straigt - but then, I'm a city girl. Mary

  4. Way to go! You deserve a high five.
    How nice to have such a great building for your 'girls.'


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