Wednesday, October 12, 2011


I have been planning this column for some time, as I was a Craigslist addict at one point. 

You know... the ads... the ads.... they are mesmerizing!

One of my friends at work bought a wedding dress off Craigslist and re-sold it after the wedding for the same price... wow!

I love to read the livestock ads, and I am going to translate some of them for you now.

Small guy very friendly. He never grew up. Good for small riders. He is noT broke. Bay in color. Mother on site. She is wonderful. He's been around all sorts of critters. One blue eye. Will post pics soon. Yes he still has his goods. 250.00


He's going to be a pony, his mama was a pony.   They have everything on the farm, he had to learn to live with them all.  He still has his goods because he's too dangerous to get near, and no, he's never had his hooves done, same reason.  250.00 because that's what ponies go for now, but I'll take the best offer I can get or haul him to the sale (if I can get him in a trailer!)  

Grace is a sorrel foxtrotter yearling filly. Gentle. She is like a big puppy dog love love loves attention and being petted Has been worked with ie Picking up feet, being touched all over 11 year old goes out and messes with him. 275.00

Not sure if this is a boy or girl horse at this point.  Maybe the owner wasn't sure.  I'm not sure I want to buy a horse an 11 year old has been "messing with".

2 Blue Splash Silkie Roosters - $10 (Grain Valley)

They were suppose to be hens. 5 months old. Very beautiful, docile and sweet roosters. $10 each OBO

Dream on, everyone wants to get rid of their roosters, purebred or not.
Rose gray 8 yr old arabian gelding. Been used for trail & river riding. Sold to first buyer who comes & gets him. Only selling as I'm downsizing. Serious inquiries only please. $300.00 cash. Email or

This horse was actually good-looking, with a rather oversize rider on him in the pictures. There has to be a hitch here, and I'm suspicious of any horse that the owner does not care about where it goes. My guess is he foundered, or has heaves, or is a bronco, and the guy is dumping him.  As I said, he was good-looking in the pictures. 

I have a 10 yr old gelding for sale. I have not had him very long. I bought him for a beer drinkin trail horse and I feel like he has always been in an arena. He is very comfortable in the arena setting and seems to have some showing ability although I don't. I am sure someone who knows what that are doing could really make him shine. He is not good on the trail or road riding.
He is very quite on the ground, but shows good life when you ride. He loads easy and stands tied just fine. He has a very sweet personality he is just not what I want for myself.

This horse had several pictures, and looked like a thoroughbred from them.  It worries me when someone admits he bought the horse as a "beer drinkin' trail horse" and doesn't have the know-how to ride the horse.  I would say this one might be a bronc, or maybe a perfectly fine horse that is out of it's element, just as the guy is.
He wanted 700.00 for him. 

The ones that really bother me are the ones that say they are only selling the horse "because it needs a job, it's just standin' in the pasture."
Don't get me started on the pet ads.  I'll be off on a rant.

This little one is laying at my feet right now, and tomorrow, will start being crated during the day while we are gone. 

No, I still don't have a camera, but hope to by tomorrow night.  Keith discovered something wonderful today on his way back from an excercise he participated in (emergency excercise).  We want to drive to it on Saturday or Sunday morning (maybe Sunday after church, when I take the grands back) so we can take some pictures to show you.  It was amazing!

This not having a camera has been humbling... I didn't realize how much I depended on having one.  What did we do before all the modern conveniences we are so used to having on or near us?  I can't imagine how I worked so very late many nights at the theater, and then drove home alone without the means to call for help! 
I would never think of going anywhere today without a way to call in an emergency. We are so very spoiled!  (Blessed!)

And, amazingly, through the donation of some product from my very generous vet services department of my company to the prison dog program at the Lansing State prison,  I found a wonderful boarding facility only five miles from our home, with whom I would trust Hannah and the other four.  They are very affordable, so in the next few weeks, we will start to get bordatella shots, and then plan a few days away together, with Chris here to feed the llamas and chickens.  Even if the two days are just up to Ames or down to Branson, it will be the only two days we will have been away together in more than three years!

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