Wednesday, October 5, 2011

A Look Back

I have been looking back through some old pictures these last few days, and thought I would share some with you while I wait to replace my camera.

Here is Mama Llama, borrowed from my friend Joani, with the young cria Tony, now our stalwart guardian.

As you see, Tony was quite a little guy when he came here to live.  We borrowed him and his mother when we lost one of our geese to the coyotes.  That was the last one lost!
Mama trained Tony and Inca well, and her red cria, Yankee, whom we lost when he was gelded.
We were sorry to see her go home to Joani. 
Here are three of our happy ducks.  They gave us huge eggs, and were content to wander around the pasture.  They were so glad when we got the pond, the pond that would not hold because of the limestone ledge.  For a while they were able to swim and enjoy it.  I miss having ducks and geese.  I DON'T miss breaking ice in their fortexes all winter.

Here is Samantha, and her pony, Beau.  Something did get at Sam, and she suffered terribly while I tried everything to heal her wounds.  We don't know if it was a possum or what, but it hurt her.  She was inseparable from Beau, and groomed him constantly.  She was also a very gentle goose. Beau actually had a decent body weight here, a year before his death.
And lastly, here's the Nickster.  We lost Nickie a year later to a virus that the doctor could never discern... he had had all of his shots.  He loved being on the farm, the way he had loved being at the first Calamity Acres.  What a good boy he was! 

It doesn't make me sad to see these old friends, but happy to remember how we loved them and what pleasure they provided as we watched and interacted with them. 

I wanted to tell everyone tonight to be careful opening up Shabby
Blogs.. I run a firewall constantly and it warned me twice when I tried to open it a few days ago that there was Malware attached.  I don't know how to reach the blog owner to let them know, but am afraid to go there, though they have so many goodies for blogs.


  1. It's hard losing them, but having them while they are here is so joyful.

  2. It is almost as hard losing a pet as it is a person. They become family and having them love you unconditionally is a real joy. Thanks for the warning about Shabby Blogs! Have a nice day.


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