Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Beauty all Around Us

The leaves are especially beautiful this week here in Leavenworth County.  We had a hint of rain this morning... while I crossed the yard in the dark, there was a single flash of lightening, and then a very soft rumble of thunder, and then it sprinkled.  It sprinkled all the way to the office, rained a short time there, and then cleared up.  We have not had a measureable amount of rain since August 20th, before my birthday.

Here is what our pasture looks like  - and it's a pleasure to be in it in the evening.

See the birds flying by?  That's looking north into the Spehar's calf pasture.  Their land forms an "L" around ours.

And this is the wonderful view looking east, into the Spehar's back acreage.  See the gorgeous tree across their second pond?  It is the first thing we see coming down our drive in the evening... like a fiery beacon.  You can JUST see the beehive sitting near it to the left. 

What a great time of year this is!


  1. It is, but the rain here hasnt let up. 4 months now, nearly everyday, torrential and repetitive!

  2. We need some rain here in Missouri, too. Our pond is very low. I'll be sorry to see the end of fall and winter weather moving in! Enjoyed your photos!

  3. I really need to get out and take some fall folage pics.


  4. You are lucky to have such a beautiful view to enjoy. Have a great day!


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