Monday, October 10, 2011

Monday Evening

I had a very long day at work today while my computer was switched from Lotus Notes to Outlook... I still don't have it back.   There's only so much desk-straightening you can do, so once that was done, I got caught up on a few things I could do by hand. 

I did have a huge laugh, though, when I read Ohio Farmgirl's post for tonight about Goat Pimping.  Take a minute to read it, especially if you have goats, or have had a long day.

I am still without a camera.  Over the weekend I went with friend Theresa to Weston, Missouri, a very historic Missouri river town.  I actually bought two point and shoot Fuji cameras from the grocery store... okay, one was made by Kodak... so I could take pictures of the pretty town.  On Sunday, I had the birthday party for Jax and Paiton to go to... they are three and four respectively, born three days apart, one year apart.  There was another orgy of present unwrapping and Jax got six guns (Nerf) by my count.  Paiton got at least three Disney princesses, and a big baby doll from me.  I'll tell you a secret... the doll was 11.74 at Walmart, and she liked it as well as the special ones. 

I'll take those two cameras to Walmart tomorrow or the next day and get them developed, scan the pictures... etc. etc. etc. 

I'm trying to get it together to get another camera, at least an inexpensive one to use until after Christmas.

Here is a picture taken 3 years ago... this is Baby Rambo!
Dovey hatched these three.. and the lovely red chick was killed by a snake.
And here he is today, King of the Big Henhouse.
It's fun to look back and see him as a helpless chick.


  1. Hello Mary Ann,
    What a busy life you lead.
    I hope Hannah is settling into quieter routine and look foirward to hearing more.

  2. Its me again Mary Ann. I had three goes at posting a comment and all the googlemail efforts I tried got rejected so I sent one as "anonymous" and it worked.
    So Cheers Gillian

  3. At least they have a lot more choices as far as cameras go these days.


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