Friday, October 7, 2011

A Big Job

Grandson Chris, 20, has been working on the Sapling Project for us for several weeks now.  We go down and get him in Garnett every other weekend, and bring him up to do heavy work for us.  He has been working on clearing the fencelines of encroaching saplings, and doing a fine job.  Here he is, with brother Nathan, after we knocked off work last Saturday night, and went to get some ice cream and window shop at the big outdoor shopping mall by the Nascar track.

Someone at work asked me this week why I always go down to get him, and he doesn't just drive up.  The thing is, when your mom has never been able to afford insurance for a teenage driver, and there are very, very few jobs in your little town... it's very hard to become mobile.  I am hoping that in the spring we can put him on our insurance, and teach him to drive.  We just cross each bridge slowly, and one at a time.

Here is what he is doing for us:
These are mostly single saplings that he has cut.  Our problem is that it is extremely dry here now, and we can't burn them until they have dried completely.  Then Keith will cut them up and burn them little by little.  The burn pit is in the middle of this pile.

For two days, we have had little satellite service here, hence the fact that I did not blog last night.  It was, however, the third anniversary of my mother's passing, and the ninth anniversary of the death of Keith's oldest son, Joel.  They had a beautiful, beautiful fall day to remember them by, and we, of course, are glad to remember the happy days of the past. 


  1. I think it's wonderful for you to have your grandson to help out! To my way of thinking, it's a blessing that you are able to drive and get him.... it gives you an opportunity to visit and talk with him, an opportunity that you might not other-wise have :)
    Our youngest is 20 yrs. old, and I sure appreciate everything he does to help us out! It's nice to have someone with that energy around!
    Also, I am sorry about the anniversaries of your loved ones passing. Times like that always make ones heart sting a bit, and a few tears roll down the cheeks.
    I am so grateful for the knowledge that we will see our loved ones again!
    Hope your weekend is wonderful!

  2. I'm so glad he is helping and looks like he is doing a great job :) Funny, we had little to no satellite service either, glad to know I'm not alone!


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