Sunday, October 9, 2011

My Little Doll

This little girl is having a hard time. 

She made a trip to see Dr. Tom on Friday, and he has pronounced her "stone cold blind"... and she is having a very hard time.  On top of it, this picture, taken some months ago, does not show the injury to her left eye.  We are treating it with her regular eye drops and with Cipro Opthalmic soluntion to try to get a handle on it.  We realized Friday afternoon that she cannot reliably find her water dish... so must place her in front of it several times a day, or bring one to her.  (easier).  We are carrying her to the deck to do her business, but on top of the blindness and mostly-deafness... she has not pottied today, able to express only a few drops.  Dr. Tom is to see her again this coming Friday, when Keith will take her.  It is heart-breaking to see her walk into the porch posts... into deck chairs... into the railing... and she is growing more tentative by the day.  We can tell when she is lost... she stops... listens... smells.... and then will lay down and not move if she cannot figure out what is going on.  For now, we are putting her in the spare bedroom with little room to move around.  If we need to, we will crate her for her own safety during the day while we are gone.
Right now, Hannah is at my feet. 
As Keith says, when I am home, her world is right.


  1. How hard this must be for you to see what your sweet Hannah is going through.She is a lucky girl to be with you and I hope you can find the answers you need to make her more at ease.

  2. I'm sorry. My Country is 16 or 17 now and I'm surely going to have the same thing happening.

  3. How hard it is to see your beloved pets going through rough times! I feel for her and for you, but I know you will make her as comfortable as possible. Have a nice day!

  4. So sorry to hear this Mary Ann. It is so difficult to see beloved animals go through this. My Goldie is still hanging on. He gets thinner every day, but still wants to eat (not much), uses his litter box and still grooms himself. He also comes to me several times a day for petting. When he stops all these things, we will make a trip to the vet. Mary G.


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