Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Tuesday, no Monday, no Tuesday!

Do you ever have so much to write about that you don't know where to start?  That's what this weekend was like here at Calamity
Acres... just so many things going on our heads spun.  We ended last night, tired to the bone, but I am sure many of you are like that at this time of year!
I'll take some time this week to show you some of the ongoing projects.

Tonight we had spring salad for dinner... spinach and snap peas picked from our own garden... with some red onion, sunflower seeds, and fresh strawberries cut up in it, and  real bacon cooked crisp.... with a homemade dressing of canola oil, mustard, and sugar mixed together with a little touch of salt.  I was out of croutons, but we had nice dinner rolls to eat with the salad.

Last night, I put the six smallest chicks in the rabbit hutch in the big henhouse so I could clean the "nursing cage" they have been in for a week.  Here they are in the rabbit hutch, and I gave them a pile of grass clippings to keep them busy.

As you can see, the old hutch is getting raggedy.
These chicks are 3 Ameracaunas, and 3 porcelain D'uccles.
Tonight, I came home, went in and fed Hannah by hand, and then went out to check on everyone. 
I found the six in the corner by the waterer.  There was a big snake on top of the hutch.

So, I reached in and got the six, and put them BACK in the nursing cage.
and convinced Mr. Snake to vacate the top of the cage.  I was convinced that no snakes could get in there, because I closed all the openings you see under him with rabbit wire.
When I went back to the cage to clean it out, here is what I found:

Yep, HE was IN the nest box side of the cage, the reason the babies were all by the farthest corner.
Good Gravy GERT.

I gave up at that point.  I went about my chores, and watered and fed everyone. 

When I came back in the henhouse, he was gone. 

Tonight, as it got dark, I took the six babies and put them with the juveniles.  It was in the upper 80's here today, and the temps fell rapidly at dark, so they are having a chilly night. However, they nestled amongst the bigger chicks as soon as I put them in the cage with them.  Yes, that pen will be crowded for a few days, but I am going to get another 4 x 4, and transfer part of the chicks to it.  Yes, there is a plan here... we are thinking the new henhouse will be ready in August, and then we will sort everything out.  For now, we'll make do.


  1. So scary to think it's almost impossible to keep those critters away from the chicks.

  2. Where's the guard llama? Shouldn't he be coming to the rescue????

  3. Mr. Snake can't live at our house....


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