Thursday, May 26, 2011

A Start to a Long Weekend

I took Friday off, so I could get a jump on the weekend.  On Saturday, son Jim will be out to weedeat and move some heavier things for us, to earn some extra money.  We're glad for his help, and would rather pay him than a stranger.  I'm going to stop at the dentist tomorrow to have a small filling replaced, and then we are going to have a pleasant weekend.  Yes, we'll work in the garden and yard a bit, but I did get started on the mowing tonight, and will finish tomorrow.  At some point, I'll need to get down in the pasture... but we are actively trying to find someone to come in and do a brush hog sweep before it gets too out of control.

Strange phenomenom .... in March we saw a big snake in the henhouse.  Two weeks ago I almost picked one up getting eggs.  None other has been seen.  Because of this, the mice are out of control, so starting this weekend, we are going to have to poison the mice again.  On Saturday we'll move Butch and his girls out to the a pen in the pasture, and then I'll commence to put poison in the feed room.  We are considering NOT feeding inside the henhouse, and leaving feed outside at all times except in inclement weather. 

Tuesday night I got my cheesemaking kit from New England Cheesemaking Supply.  I stopped at Roxanne's dairy and bought a gallon of goat's milk from her, and it is thawing in the refrigerator now.  I hope to make goat cheese on Saturday.  I will, of course,
take pictures of the adventure! 

If I can do this, or at least make it edible, then I think we will be on our way to someday having our own pair of milk goats. 

If I can get this Moondrop video to load (and I have tried once, and it did not) you can see it change colors at night, after the solar lens has loaded all day.  We love to look out the door and see it changing colors at night! It was a Mother's Day gift from son Jim, and have we ever enjoyed it!


  1. You need a good barn cat. We have a cat that chooses to stay in the chicken house and our mice are under control.

    Poison scares many things can happen.

  2. I took the day off too. Nothing but rain here. Psyching myself up to do inside stuff isn't easy. We have snakes here too. I have learned to be on the look out constantly.

  3. Left you an e-mail in regards to the game.

    Melinda :)


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