Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ranger Regresses

Since Gertie came in early December, we have noticed that Ranger really likes her.  The juxtaposition of largest dog and smallest dog is a funny one.  He tolerates her jumping on his neck and head, and she likes to nuzzle him and lick at his muzzle.  (sometimes making me cringe).  Ranger is slowing down now, and even with the better weather, likes to eat his breakfast, do his business, and then come back in in the morning and settle down for the day.  Sometimes Lil stays in, sometimes she stays out.  I like for her to be out, because she is actually the one that anyone trying to come on the property should be scared of.
Ranger is probably 8 or 9 this year, Lil will be 6 in July, Gertie is about a year and  a half... Abby about three... and Hannah, around 8 or 9.  Ranger, a big dog, has begun to feel the seasons in his hips and back.  Soon we'll have him xrayed, and decide what to do about medication.  For now, though, he is enjoying playing with his little pal.  We have not seen him play like this since Oscar was alive, his best friend.  I tried to catch it tonight and hope it will load.  That's Keith trying to read the paper at the kitchen table, and Ranger, who destroyed one of their pads tonight in play.... and Gertie playing under and around Keith.


  1. Isn't it horrible having friends that we know will not live anywhere near long enough? Certainly looks fun.

  2. Such a beautiful boy.

    I put my 16 YO Country on Phlcox on the recommendation from my Animal Health guys. Let me tell you it's been fantastic for her.

    She can get up in daddy's recliner and on her couch. Whereas she was starting to have problems before.


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