Saturday, May 28, 2011

Another Rainy Weekend

Blog-hopping last night before bedtime, I realized we aren't the only ones dealing with mud and muck these days.  It seems the unseasonably cool and wet weather is blanketing a large part of blogdom.  We did not have direct downpours today, but the swollen creeks around here are running fast and furious.

Last night while grasscutting, I managed to drop out of my jacket pocket and drive over my point and shoot Canon camera.  I am, at present, trying to revive it.  If not, it will be another camera purchase unlooked for and unbudgeted for, I'm afraid. 

I had help today doing water... while his dad did the weed-eating for us, Jaxton helped grandma gather eggs and got to pet a baby chicken and hold it for a while.  He wanted to pet the llamas, but of course, as much as they were interested in him, they did not want to be touched!  We sat down on the ground to tie wrap some wire to an opening in the dog cage that Butch and his girls will go into tomorrow, and the llamas came up behind us to see what we were doing, so Jax almost got to touch one! 

This somewhat blurry picture is the little Mille Fleur pullet that was originally attacked by the Bullying Brahma Boys.  She appears to be blind in her right eye as a result.  Her feathers have not grown back where she was bloodied, but she gets along okay with the other juveniles.  She will never be in a large flock, as the Milles will be in the 4 x 4 together. 

I just went out and collected eggs, as we are going to the TBones tonight.  It is lightly raining, sprinkling, really... so we will take umbrellas and hope for the best.  A fellow blogger, Melinda, of Country Dreaming, will be at the game, so we are hoping to finally meet in person.

I collected an egg that was stranger than I have ever seen before...and will hopefully be able to take a picture of it tomorrow and show you.  I brought it in to keep in the refrigerator to show as an anomaly.

Here are some of the apples growing on one of the apple trees we planted last fall.  We'll plant more this fall.  It's fun to see this little fruit tree bearing.  Keith has worked very hard to get them off to the right start in life, and his hard work is paying off.
I took this picture as I mowed around it last night.

We also picked our first sugar snap peas today, and some spinach, so tomorrow we'll have a spinach salad with strawberries, and sugar snaps with a sweet dressing for lunch.   YUM!


  1. it is so hard to believe you are so far ahead of us!!! Our apple trees are just now blossoming! Good luck with your camera, put it in a bag of rice! I think that is what they recommend to dry it out! Have a great weekend!

  2. Its been raining here for several weeks now, not overly heavy, just damn persistent!So sympathies to you, and my apple trees got a hammering with the recent gales. No where near as bad as all those recent terrible Tornadoes in the US, seems every year you all get a hammering. Feel for you all.

  3. Our sugar snap peas are just emerging from the ground, so it will be a while before we eat any.

  4. Looks great there. The rain is a good thing. Just keep repeating that.

  5. What delightful weather we had for the game BUT
    at least we did get to meet!!!!! Yea!!!

    Enjoy your day tomorrow.


  6. We too had an awful lot of rain, but our weather is now at the other end of the spectrum - hot and humid. I can't wait until I'm picking more of my garden. So far it's only been asparagus, although that is a wonderful treat! Love the apple trees. I planted paw paws and asian pear trees last year. Hoping by next year they will be producing.

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