Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Littlest Peeps

Actually, they aren't the tiniest.  There is a tiny one in the little henhouse tonight, but I found two more dead today, including the first blue.  I don't expect this poor little one to last long.  I would have pulled it and put it in the tank in the shop, all alone, but hated to put it by itself.  If it is alive tomorrow, I'll probably pull it and put it under the warming light and try to save it.  The two mamas are so young themselves, and no one is showing the poor little thing where water and food are.
But the six babies in their tank in the shop are doing well.  There are three porcelain D'Uccles, and I was lucky... I got two pullets and a cockerel.  I already have Angel, the beautiful girl from last September.  
The other three babies are two Ameracaunas and what I suspect may be a barred Rock, but am not sure.  She's a lovely pullet. 


  1. The broodies aren't still on eggs are they? They need to switch to mother mode and some won't as long as they have eggs under them.



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