Monday, March 23, 2009

A Week Without a Message

I didn't intend to go a week without blogging, but sometimes life catches up with you and you just don't realize that you haven't set aside personal time.

We had a busy week at Calamity Acres, once we settled down about the loss of our dear old fuzzy faced Lacey. It was hard to drive by "The Spot" on the driveway each day coming and going, and not think of her.

Beau settled down after three or four days of calling her, and has become resigned to be the Only Horse. We are hoping to get him some caprine friends sooner rather than later, but Husband has a full week of work ahead of him, and I can no longer do fence alone. (in my decrepit old age).
As soon as we can, some Nigerian Dwarf goats will come to keep him company, along with his goose.
On Friday night, I went to the Gasper Family Farm in Linwood, Kansas, to purchase some additional egg layers. The Gaspers were personable CSA farmers, who readily answered all questions about the care of their organically raised pullets. It's fun to "talk chicken" with people who know what they are talking about, and I was able to observe their Gloucestershire Old Spot hogs in the pasture, and their Akbash guard dog. I got four nice pullets, who are in the little henhouse getting used to living at Calamity Acres, and eating their heads off. We hope to get some nice eggs from them.
Saturday morning was spent at a bi-annual poultry and gamebird auction with my middle grandson, Nathan. We saw a lot of expensive poultry, but we came home with three tiny Old English Gamebird hens for the little roosters, in the red pyle coloration. We brought additionally home 3 beautiful silky pullets.... after seeing some gorgeous colors of silkies. We didn't want any more roosters (8 IS enough) and when 3 pullets came up for auction, I was quick to bid and got them. Though the auction was going on until the evening, we left at noon since we figured our birds had eaten all the feed they had been checked in with on Friday, and we were right. They rode peacefully home to join the Production Reds in the little henhouse, and all ten girls are currently getting aquainted. The roosters have heard them and are knocking at the door... I could hear them tap tapping while I fed the girls yesterday from the backside of the henhouse, but they will have to dream on until a week has gone by and I am sure the new birds are healthy. We are a little worried about the snakes getting the OEG's as they are very small, but they are lively, so perhaps it will be okay.
Dovey, our grey hen on the eggs in the big nest, has a half eaten eggshell next to her, so we know a rat or snake has been trying to get under her. We don't want same to get an OEG as I bought them for the delight of the little guys, One, Two, Three and Four, and Butch, Studly and Curley.
Nathan had his very first ride on Beau this weekend, as we had not realized that he was actually fearful of the horses. He kept a deathgrip on my right shoulder as we walked along, but did very well for the first time up, and bareback at that. Beau was a beaut, and walked along sedately as I lead Nate around. We'll get a blanket this week for Beau's saddle, and the next time Nate visits, he'll get another ride and we will get him over his fear of large animals. He's a cat person, as he reminds me often, but the dogs adore him.
Sitting out in the garden, I had Lilly laying by me when we heard sirens coming up the highway. Lilly tipped her head back and gave a mournful howl... her voice is much lower than Ranger's, and very staccato when she barks. I was able to catch her doing it.

And finally, spring is truly here. We had a farmer come to plow our garden, and we are eagerly deciding what to plant this year. Since Stepson will be playing baseball from now through July, I have once again taken over the gardening duties, and after the plot is tilled down this week, will get busy with my starts. I took some shots of the man as he plowed, and later, a flock of birds descended on the area to eat the worms turned up. I wish I could have let the chickens in the yard, but that would be fatal if the dogs got out of the house!
So now a new week has started, and a short one for me. A class on Thursday, and a vacation day Friday, will shorten it to 3 days. I am looking forward already to the long weekend, and scrapbooking with my friends on Saturday.

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