Sunday, March 15, 2009

Quiet Sunday

The grands have gone home and we are alone here, as Brandon has gone on a three day mission trip for his youth group. The house is strangely silent with just the sound of the tv on low, and Hannah's low snoring at my feet. The sun has finally come out, and the birds are enjoying the day, running back and forth. The wildings are here too, and we put out plent for them before church this morning. On the pond at the foot of the road is a small flock of very small wild ducks. We can see black and white on the drakes, but can't identify them from the road. If we stop, they swim as a unit to the far side of the big pond, thought the cows and calves don't seem to bother them. The Goat Lady's guineas were marching down the road as I took the grands to meet their mom, so we stopped to watch them and listen to their unmusical calls!

Our Old Gentleman is sleeping out in the yard. We watched him yesterday as he went from yard to pasture, still looking and yearning for his friend Lacey, our hearts breaking for him. Maybe by tomorrow he will have accepted his lot and stop looking. We are hoping that the same Goat Lady with the guineas and peacocks will teach us about goats, and maybe sell us some wethers so that Beau will once again have someone to graze with and just stand with. We won't let too much time go by for his sake.

Back to the kitchen, as stepson took the freshly baked cookies, to bake more for the next few days.

A peaceful Sunday to all.

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