Thursday, March 5, 2009

Isis Renewed

Isis, our lovely golden penciled Wyandotte hen, has recovered from what was ailing her. We credit warmth and quiet, as we kept her in the nursing cage for two weeks. Yesterday, with better weather coming, we put her back out with her sisters. I found her alone yesterday evening, walking around in the pasture and having a little extra food, unbothered by the rest of the flock. I am noting that she is still carrying herself oddly, so we shall see what happens.

The weatherman says 70 degrees today... a stark contrast to last Saturday when we awoke to four inches of snow. The snow is now mostly gone, and the animals are enjoying the finer weather, from chickens to dogs.

Keith pulled me outside last night to see the tiniest evidence of spring in one of the planters... hens and chicks coming up! Spring is almost here!

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