Saturday, March 7, 2009

A Revelation

Your blogger has been writing for weeks now about the special relationship between Beau the pony and Sammy the gander. Today, while doing chores outside and generally working in the 70+ degree temperature (remember a week ago today and the snow?) - she could not find her favorite gander. A call to the porch to husband produced a laugh and a bet that he could find him post haste. He strolled down off the porch and through the gate, and in the space of about 3 minutes, found the bird nestled in the tall grass. The other gander and three ducks were eating tender spring shoots, and the "missing" bird got up and honked and headed for the pond. Lo and behold, underneath "him" in a deep nest in the high grass were two huge goose eggs! It was an "AHA" moment!

When we first got the geese as babies, the lady who sold them told us it was impossible for her to identify sexes. We named them Samantha and Tabitha at that point, and called them by girl's names. We noticed that each, however, exhibited some guarding mannerisms that wild ganders exhibit, keeping an eye on the flock while they ate, etc. and we then came to think that both were ganders, or males. Now we are wondering if we have a male and female, since Timmy, the other gander, was leading the ducks around while we looked for Sammy er... Samantha!

We think she has gone back to her two eggs, and as there are storms expected tonight, we wonder how they will fare. We had decided to not have any babies this year... but of course, we cannot take the eggs from under our favorite and get rid of them. I am looking down into the pasture now, and see Timmy and the three duck girls, Martha, Mary and Maggie, and don't see Samantha anywhere, so perhaps she has gone back to the nest.

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