Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sunny Sunday

Well, well, well! We have had another Kansas joke played on us and it is sunny again today!

Compared to yesterday morning's unrelenting snow, it's a blessing. Up early to carry water and feed the outside animals, I hurried through chores to be on time for church at 8. I love coming home and being quiet on Sunday morning while husband and stepson are at church themselves, giving me time to catch up on other blogs, look at recipes, look at scrapbooking supplies, and just have peaceful time. I have to pay for my day of relaxation with my scrapbooking friends yesterday and go to the grocery store today, but it's worth it! Then home to fix meatloaf for Sunday dinner, with some mashed potatos and vegetables for a good, hot meal.

Of course, I forgot to mention it's still COLD!

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