Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Day After

After yesterday's taste of winter, today dawned sunny and bright. Before church, doing chores, I noticed how the ice shined like jewels on the grasses of the pasture, and especially on the tree branches. The birds were so happy to be able to run out in the pasture again, after being cooped up in the weather of yesterday. Beau had turned from a shivering ponysicle into a normal old pony, and was glad to get out of his pen and into the pasture, where he headed for his tree. We notice that he watches the neighbor's three cows a lot, now, and are planning on getting his goat companions soon.

A trip to WalMart for a new fish tank stand took up part of the planned afternoon, and now it is almost 3 and time to put the pork tenderloin in for dinner. Some potatos and a salad should round the meal out nicely.

I just saw Nickie slink by the window headed for the horsepen full of chickens. I now see him starting across to the pond, and wonder about my new little Old English Gamehens. Hmmmm. Nick has been known to take down a songbird occaisionally, so maybe it's time to go out and see what he is up to before finishing emptying the car and starting dinner.

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