Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Goose eggs in the Grass

The bottom photo is of two goose eggs in the grass, and the top an assortment of duck and chicken eggs. As you can see, our girls give us all shades of brown and Buffy the Polish hen gives us a white egg. The two big white ones are from our duck girls. We have not brought a goose egg in yet, when I went back to see them on Sunday, they had disappeared, so something is getting into the pasture at night!
It got very cold again last night, and was 18 this morning. This up and down roller coaster is typical Kansas weather, though. We have reached Hump Day, and are coasting to the end of the week. Yours truly is taking a half day on Friday to drive the 65 miles to the small country town where my grandkids live, and bring them up for the weekend. Not having seen them since Christmas, I'm looking forward to spending some time with them. On Sunday after church they will be returned to their mom, who will come up halfway for them. We are going to do some yard work here, then go shopping and to dinner, and I can't WAIT!

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