Sunday, May 1, 2016

We Took a Trip!

We took a little trip on Friday and Saturday, hence the lack of posts. 

Guess where?

We went to Cedar Rapids, Iowa, to see this young man and his teammates play ball. 

This is P.J. Higgins, Keith's sister's son, who signed with the Chicago Cubs 
system last year. 

P.J. plays for the "low-A" South Bend Cubs, and they 
made a once-a-season trip to Cedar Rapids this week. 

Keith and I intended to see two games, on Friday and Saturday, and 
then start back.  It was our first trip since Keith went on dialysis, and
we learned a LOT.  

We got there Friday after the game had started, as it took a little longer than 
we expected.  Keith was wiped out from the travel (lesson one).  

The temperature was 40, and it was windy.  I had taken a sweatshirt and a jacket... BRRRRR. Keith had his Carhartt.  His parents met us there, we had wonderful seats Keith bought online. 
However, the cold got the best of us, and we left at the top of the 7th to go check into the hotel, leaving his hardy Iowa parents to watch the last two innings! 

When we woke up Saturday morning, it was pouring rain.  Keith and I conferred, and 
we decided to start back, despite the fact two of his cousins were driving over to join us for the afternoon game.   We gave the front row seats to his parents, so they and his cousins could sit together. 

We did not leave before we enjoyed a good visit with Patrick. 

I hate to sound like a groupie, but we got to ask so many questions we wanted to know about spring training, about life on the baseball road, and how his life has changed.  P.J. was patient with us, and his grandmother was just delighted to spend time with him. 

P.J. grew up in Connecticut, a long way from the rest of the family.   Grandma and Grandpa Yoder do not get to see him and his sister Kacey as often as the others.  His mom, Kim, and Dad, Duke, still live there. 

Since it was still raining after brunch, Keith and I forfeited another night at the hotel and started home. 
I had my baptism of fire driving his van up and back, (for the first time!) and 
now I am confident I can drive to the BAR (Blogville Awesome Retreat) in June. 

The elder Yoders went to yesterday's game (the rain lifted) and were staying for today's game so they could see the team one last time.  They breed them hardy in Iowa, I tell you. 

We got home an hour too late to get the dogs from the kennel.  This was their first time being 
boarded... and when I picked them up after church today, it was to the news that they 
did "okay" but neither ate hardly anything for the almost-three days.  I fixed their 
food when we got here, and Jester inhaled his, and promptly went to sleep on his favorite pillow on the loveseat.  He has eye creme for his eyes daily because of a corneal abrasion... the tube 
hardly looked used, and oddly, he has rings of dried matter around both eyes, top and bottom. 
I am not sure if we will be returning to this kennel. 

(I know I am an overly-concerned pet parent)

We know now we can travel, with appropriate planning.  Keith and I will come up with a checklist of things he needs for dialysis... because he did run short of several things.  (Lesson two). 
We also know we can't do fast trips, they will need planning and slower travel.  Trying to hurry and get there in one day, and then go out to an event, is probably out of the question, as Keith needs some time to unwind and rest.  Lessons learned. 

We did see this: 

This gorgeous coop was at the Iowa Welcome Center at Lamoni. 

The nest boxes you see are painted black... except... 

for one. 

Oddly enough, there were all roosters and two hens in there, and one of the hens had been used terribly by the roosters.  If I had had more time, I would have gone in and complained.  
I actually missed the exit on our way home yesterday, so it was probably a good thing. 

There were also two smaller coops, which were for sale. 

Guess what the price was?  I would estimate these would maybe hold six birds. 


They were "Amish made".  (This is called the Amish Welcome Center, it is in a heavily Amish area). 

I saw this one on Thursday at Feldman's Farm Supply: 

It was VERY heavy... 

And looked like it would hold 4 birds comfortably... I would not use that "roost" on the left... but... 
it was adequate.  


The trim was stapled on. 

I didn't mean to work this into a post on Chicken houses... but... 
you know me. 

We were glad to be home, and our babies are glad to be here, too! 


  1. It is great that you got to catch up with P.J. even if it wasn't at the game. I am sure he understands. I wish him the best with his career.

  2. Glad you had a chance to see your nephew. Sorry the weather didn't cooperate. I know some one that actually bought one of those Amish made chicken coops only here in Ohio. She didn't say how much it cost, Hope you all are rested up and have a wonderful Monday !

  3. Our weather was crazy here this past weekend. Suppose to be getting more storms soon today. Glad you got to see P.J. and the parents.

    I like that big coop, nix the roosters. They are a lot of trouble.


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