Monday, May 9, 2016


Let me tell you, being a tour guide for grade schoolers at the Ag Hall is no 
picnic.  We have one volunteer who has helped there for years... Charles... 
he does them very frequently, and I don't know how he does it!  

These four groups today of 25 each with teachers and 
parents asked the best questions. 

We did chores, and the kids learn how to wash clothes 
with a washboard and wash tubs.  

It made an impression on one little girl, and she 
asked me what they did about diapers. I told her they 
used cloth diapers, and then washed them out after 
using them. 

Her reply?



Everyone thought the chamber pots were water holders
for during the night. 

Well, they are, sort of. 

Yesterday, we had rains off and on all afternoon, in our area we got 3/4 of an inch of 

The pasture pond is filling nicely. 

More storms are expected for tonight. 

These cows had the right idea, it was 77 degrees but the 
humidity was climbing. 

I should have taken pictures of the calves, you could just 
see their little faces in the grass, now that the grass is growing taller.

Two of the ponds I watched are now out of sight in their pastures, because
the hay is growing. 

I did not take pictures at the park, but there was a lot of 
standing water from the rain yesterday. 

Something happened that made me stop and think. 

You know that we had four pugs before Jester. 

Three had physical problems, and the fourth, seemingly healthy, 
dropped dead just after turning 3 of what the vet said was 
either a heart aneurysm or a stroke. 

They were brachycephalic dogs, with short, short noses and 
heavy breathing. 

I did not walk them, and did not really let them out on hot days. 

I forget Jester ALSO is a flat-nose.  Today... he gamely 
followed, but I noticed he was walking slower and slower. 

Then, he went to a big puddle, drank, and did something 
he NEVER does.  He pawed at the water, took two steps, 
and plopped his whole body down in it. 

I let him lay there for a minute... and then we went straight to the car. 

No more walking for Jes unless we do it early in the morning, or the humidity is 

Very clearly three. 

At the last, I thought I saw a fourth draped over the side of the nest, like a body hanging. 

See why I thought there were four?  I think the hawklet on the left 
has his wing draped over the edge of the nest.  

This sight made me so happy this morning! 

You see, I had lots and lots of iris at the old house. 
I did not have any here. 

This is the first to bloom, yayyy!  It is not a transplant, I got 
it from Cherokee Acres last fall.  You can see their beautiful iris 
on their website. 

Here are the baby geraniums in their barrel.  You know I will 
have to transplant them all, but I want to see the colors this summer. 

A dollar a plant!  Wow. 

These are three of the mums from the Ag Hall that I made a donation for last fall.  We had used them for decorations.  I know one is a bronze, I am not sure of the other two, and I 
can't wait to see.  That's cat mint to the right. 

These look like sunflower seedlings to me... I'll know in a day or two. 
If they are, they are going. 

Million Bells... callibrachoa... I love all their colors. 

Yesterday's rainfall.  

I know they are hard to see, but when I went out this morning to spread birdseed 
I checked the bales.  There were hundreds of mushrooms blooming.  When I got home 
tonight, they had all died or bent over.  The gray stuff is mushroom. 

Mushrooms are a good sign! 

Even though she was small, I used the shovel on this 
alligator snapper.  I don't want to be caught on a country road with the dogs in the car and have a snapper hanging off my hand.  

As we came back by the park this afternoon, there was one of the 
great blue herons, poised to get his dinner. 


  1. Wow Mary Ann, you have a lot going on!!
    Those cows in the water were funny!

  2. You are much warmer there than we are but we've warmed up to 60's now and I saw a 70 degree day in the forecast. Maybe our Irises will also be blooming with warmer weather coming our way.

  3. lol....those kids would have drove me batty.
    poor Jes, he got hot.
    love the flowers Mary Ann. I took a ton of pics from my yard yesterday afternoon.
    Sunday was so hot. Yesterday was cloudy and I worked in the yard a long time.

  4. What a busy day!
    Lily & Edward

  5. Loved those pictures. You have lots of flowers coming up. We love that Iris, mom was so happy this morning cos two of hers that were just planted last year are starting to bloom. stella rose

  6. We fear mushrooms since sweet Greta died from eating one. Yup, takes a lot of energy for those kids. Stanley cools off in the water like that all the time. He acts like it is a spa. Great photos!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  7. Our world has become too disposable when cloth diapers are shocking! The cows in the water are great.


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