Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Rain, Rain and More Rain

We had a whopper thunderstorm this morning and got two inches of rain in short shrift. 

Lilly stayed out all night long... I thought I heard her at 1 asking to come in (she scrapes the door)... and when I went to the door, I didn't see her on the deck.  At 4, there was a definite scrape under my window for her to come in.  She hates storms.  I saw lightening in the distance at 1, and 
more at 4. 

The storm started at 5, and laid a swath through Leavenworth, doing big damage at Mount Muncie Cemetery and the National Cemetery, both of which I have shown you.  Mount Muncie has those gorgeous old trees, so I will go over there in a few days and take a look.

Can you tell that I am standing IN water in the back yard? 

Our back of the back yard.  It's a long story. 

Yes, we have a pond.  

That's the side yard, by the patio.  See that bare spot on the left?  It's a mound of bad 
birdseed that piled up all winter.  It's REEKING.  At some point, I need
to dig it up and haul it out. 

Yes, I know you aren't supposed to leave it in the bird feeding area. 
It will get hauled out at some point, I have quit trying to hurry to do everything. 

Yes, the sun did come out this afternoon! 

After I helped with tours at the Ag Hall this morning,  I took the dogs 
for a short walk, as the humidity was still high. 

This pretty slider girl was helped across the road, and I watched to make sure she was oriented and started off again.  

Check out behind the calf... the pasture pond is so very full! 

It's been a while since the water came up to the cow's chests. 

I couldn't help it... I wanted to be sure the babies were safe after the hail and strong winds. 

They were! 

So are these babies. 

Keith and I noticed something in a planter out in front yesterday. 

It's hiding under the heuchera. 

It grew while I was gone today. 

A few days ago, I put one of my sweet potato plants out on the porch. 

This morning, it blew over in the storm. 

I picked it up, and look what I found! 

Too wild.  I'm going to cook it tomorrow night. 

I tromped through the water to look at the SBG... the plants I planted on 
Saturday look great!   

I was so glad to see this, I am really looking forward to it this summer. 

Gratuitous picture of my boy.  

I think this will make you laugh... turn it up so you can hear it, 
and sorry for the shaky camera work. 

We expect sun tomorrow! 


  1. I know you wanted rain a week ago,, but I know you did not mean that much rain!
    Gosh,, thats what happened to us,, a few months ago,,,, toooo much rain.
    I was worried about you in the storms

  2. we had some huge ruts in front of the house. we just filled them in. i kept tripping in them all the time.

    it was awfully humid in Mississippi yesterday. i hope it's not too bad today. am suppose to walk with my friend and then will go home and do something in the yard

    glad ya'll are okay

  3. Those babies in the nest look to be growing in leaps and bounds. We're to have thunderstorms today. That's Spring for you. Hope your Thursday is a great one !

  4. It rains as I write.

    So far the storms have passed up over. I hope the same for you.

  5. are those frogs i hear? we finally have had rain and more is on the way. we need all we can get. i just heard we might see snow this weekend. time to cover everything up!

  6. Wow, it really is soggy around your place! We have gotten more rain this year too but nothing compared to you! Nice pic of Jester!

    Your Pals,

    Murphy & Stanley

  7. Hi! New to your blog, and I love this post and looking forward to 'getting to know you' better. :)


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