Friday, January 2, 2009

The Water Didn't Freeze Last Night

A Miracle for 2009 - the water in the fortexes didn't freeze last night, despite temps in the 20's. What a blessing for sore backs this morning, as we had only to carry one load of water out for the geese and ducks to clean their bills. As soon as they hear me coming, the chorus of honking and quacking starts and they waddle on up to the fortex, waiting for the fresh, clean water.

The day has dawned clear and brisk, but the weatherman says that drizzle will come this afternoon, and by tomorrow, it will be cold and icy. We're thrilled.

We can't reach our farrier, and the vet has now told us she thinks he has moved to manage a large breeding farm. We hope to get some names of people to call from her later today when she has a chance to stop and think for a while. Country vets who see large animals are at such a premium today that they run constantly, and it is no wonder they get burned out and go to work for large corporations. We have a vet we love, and we hope she continues on with her work. We hope, too, to find another farrier through her that can take care of our poor little Lacey with the bad feet.

This morning will be spent doing the errands normally done on Saturday - run to the two feed stores, and get haircuts, etc. The Husband will be working at his office this afternoon, cleaning and tidying and going through files to start the new year out right. Then I will return home to start taking down the Christmas decorations, and packing them away for another year. We had a peaceful, happy Christmas, with the two families coming for separate parties, and a surprise visit from my youngest and his girl on Christmas Eve. It's time to put things away now, since Christmas decorations were out this year from before Halloween... and several ladies in line with me the last two weeks commented on how tired they were of Christmas before it even got here. I don't ever want to be like that... so didn't put our tree up this year until the second week of December. Some of my friends no longer put trees up or decorate ... they wonder why, as single or divorced women, they should. Keeping the Birth of the Child active in your heart is reason enough for me.

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