Tuesday, January 6, 2009

A Long Day at work

It was a long day at the office today for your blogger. There was a round of layoffs, and good friends were released from their jobs. You can preach "business decision" all you want, but when it comes to close friends, the hurt is real and throbbing. My heart hurts for all of them. There were indications that the economy was getting "real" to us, as several friend's husbands were laid off recently, but this was close to home and painful. Your blogger is still employed, but faces the loss of good friends and cheery faces at the workplace. My prayers are with all of them tonight.

Lacey, the mini, is still up and down with her bad feet. The vet will get called tomorrow again, and more medicine gotten. In fact, at this point, the vet needs to come herself and see what is really going on. Though dollar signs are dancing in the breeze here, we are not going to let the old lady suffer and will get her some medical relief. The trim the other day should have relieved things for her, so something else must be going on, and the vet can ascertain what it is. Then we will proceed with fixing the problem as best as possible.

The naughty minx Lilly Ann ran out the gate tonight when I got home... it took more than half an hour to get her home. Traffic on the gravel road and the loss of an earlier dear dog make us worry when she gets loose. Ranger, on the other hand, never leaves the yard, and won't go out the gate. He is happy here in his kingdom and safe in his yard.

The weather is still cold but not biting or windy. It's a pleasure to get up in the early morning and go out and sing to the birds when I wake them up. I just don't feel much like singing tonight.

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