Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Hurrah for the Red, White and Blue!

40 years ago, or more, during the Watts riots, I remember my dad saying at the dinner table one night that my sister and I would live to see black people and white people get along in this country. He predicted that there would be no more "black" or "white" but a country who married each other and those children would be leading us. I guess he was proved right today, political incorrectness or not. We have a new President, and I took a vacation day to see the panoply, and see him sworn in. Though I was a McCain supporter, I voted for the new president while living for a short while in Illinois five years ago, so I guess I can say I helped put him where he is today. We are glad he is there, and hope that great things will come from his election to our highest office, and guess that our country has now really walked the walk instead of just talking the talk.

The vet came back again today to look at the white mare. She still has hot rear hooves, and we know now that she will probably not get appreciably better. She was up, though, and was able to walk a bit and stay up through the day. Since she is still eating and drinking, the vet said to keep medicating her and watch to make sure she does eat and drink. Any cessation, and we will have to make a quick decision, but thankfully, that is put off for now.

I have watched the election festivities off and on all day, but am still trying to vacuum, fold clothes, etc. all the things that our daily lives are taken up with. Time marches on.

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